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The International Student Services office sponsors many activities each semester for international students. For videos or photos visit our Videos, Podcasts & Photos page by clicking here.

International Festival

Every fall UCO's international student population comes together in a celebration to share their culture through displays of food, crafts, art, and performing talents. This is one of the most anticipated events on campus for both the UCO community and the metropolitan community.
This fall 2009 results were as follows:

Display: India 1st place, Nepal 2nd place and Saudi Arabia 3rd place.
Entertainment: Japan 1st place, India 2nd place and China 3rd place.

Semester Break Field Trips

Every fall and spring semester we have a few days of break in classes. UCO's International Services staff uses this time to take students on field trips. These trips are meant to be fun, educational and an opportunity for students to learn each others cultures and make friends. The trips are usually out of town, often out of state and usually two days long.

International Food Festival

Once a year, the international student groups invite the UCO community to their celebration of international foods.  In addition to sharing their food, student groups share their culture through their displays and performances. This is an opportunity for the various international student organizations on campus to raise extra funds for their associations. Thousands of students, faculty and staff attend the event.

International Student Awareness Day

Every spring the government of the State of Oklahoma hosts International college and university students as well as high school students to gather at the state capitol to be honored and to learn more about the state of Oklahoma. Hundreds of students come to enjoy free booths, entertainment, and local and international cuisine. Students have the chance to meet state officials, honorary Consuls and other international students. 

Mr. & Ms. UCO International Pageant

The Mr. & Ms. UCO International Pageant is held at the end of March every year. The pageant highlights the talent, culture and diversity of UCO's international students with pageant participants from around the world. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female winners with each receiving varying amounts of scholarships. The 1st place winners become part of UCO's "Royalty" and represent the international student population at various functions.

International Volleyball Tournament

Athletic and sporting events are a healthy and fun opportunity for international students to form friendships and share culture. Every spring semester we have an International Volleyball tournament with international teams competing to win first and second places.

Scholarship Awards Ceremony

UCO offers an array of scholarship each semester. The recipients of these awards are honored during a ceremony each spring to recognize their academic or leadership achievements.

Graduation Reception

Each year, the Office of International Student Services holds a special reception for all graduating international students and their families who often travel from afar to attend. 

July 4 (Independence Day) Parade

On July 4th, the United States celebrates its independence, and cities all over the country sponsor parades to mark the occasion.  In Edmond, Oklahoma, the parade is called "Liberty Fest." Each year, UCO's international students participate as "Citizens of the World."

UCO Soccer Club

Soccer Club was established in 1987. Membership in the club is open to any UCO student.  The Club holds weekly practices and the team participates in sanctioned games during weekends. Several scholarships are offered each semester.

World Cup Soccer

UCO has its own version of World Cup Soccer. It is held over a serious of several weeks during the fall semester with various international teams competing for the title.

International Student Associations

UCO is very fortunate to have many different International Student Associations on our campus. Each group has their own elected officers and budgets. Their participation in campus events, promotion of their culture and assistance to their fellow students is a vital part of our campus life.

International Student Council

The International Student Council is an umbrella organization formed by the designated officers of the various international student associations listed above and the elected officers of the council.  The ISC maintains an independent web site that is available at

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