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Global Affairs Team

Our office is open Monday and Thursday from 0800-1800 and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 0800-1700. Call us at 405-974-2390, or stop by to see us on the first floor of the University Center, Room 137.

"It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the University of Central Oklahoma Office of Global Affairs website. A graduate of UCO recently told me that our university is like a small city where you come in out of the rain.  Everything you need is right here:  a family atmosphere, friends, home style housing, the best medical services you will find at any university and a wide portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs. The Office of International Student Services is here to handle all your needs.  We'll help with your admission, your visa, even make arrangements to pick you up at the airport.  From the time you walk into the airport to the time you walk across the stage to graduate, we are here for you."


Dr. Dennis Dunham

Executive Director, Global Affairs
University of Central Oklahoma 


Mr. Timothy Kok

Director, International Admissions and Communications
Phone: +1-405-974-2370
Skype: tim2370

Assisting students from:
Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pacific Islands (The), Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Countries visited:
Spain, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, England, France, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Canada


Mr. Aaron Wheelbarger

Admissions Advisor
Phone: +1-405-974-2352
Skype: aaron2352

Assisting students from:
Africa, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan south to Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Australia.

Countries visited:
Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, England, Cameroon, Kenya, Ivory Coast

Mr. James (Jay) Shacklett

Admissions Advisor
Phone: +1-405-974-2130
Skype: jay2130

Assisting students from:
Japan, Nepal, India, Central America, South America, Europe, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Canada and New Zealand

Countries visited:
Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Canada

 Immigration & Activities

Mr. Jalal Daneshfar

Assistant Director of Retention
Phone: +1-405-974-2377

Assisting students in:
Immigration and international student activities

Countries visited:
Canada, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Persian Gulf countries, several countries of S.E. Asia., Nepal, Bangladesh and India

Language Skills:
English and Farsi (Persian)

Ms. Julia Hicks

Immigration and Activities Advisor
Phone: 405-974-2362

Assisting students in:
Immigration and employment issues as well as organizing the International Student Fall break and Spring break trips.

Countries visited:
Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, Germany, Czech Republic, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


Centre for Global Competency

Mr. Marco Rodriguez Linares

Assistant Director, CGC
Phone: +1-405-974-2447

Assisting students in:
Coordinating and helping students with study abroad programs.  Feel free to expand your horizons, experience new cultural values as well as sharing yours, and be part of the global experience. Your cultural awareness gives you the opportunity to realize your potential in your professional field. Remember that international organizations are already looking for you.

Dr. Janette C. Wetsel

Faculty Liaison, CGC

Phone: +1-405-974-2454

Assisting faculty in:
Coordinating study tours for students.  Helping everyone on campus articulate how our students meet global competency, one of the Central Six.

Mr. Jared Scism

International Activities Specialist 
Phone: +1-405-974-2131

Skype: mugisha88

Assisting students in:
Activities and our Glocal programs such Broncho Buddies, CRISP, MERGE, and Ignite as well as an advisor to the International Student Council and International Christian Student Organization.

Countries visited:
Italy, Vatican City, England, Tanzania, Japan, Mexico, China, South Korea, North Korea, Australia & USA

Mr. Weldon Rice 

Coordinator, UCO Korean Office
Skype: weldon.kyle.rice

Assisting students from: Korea and UCO.

Countries visited: Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, and Canada


Support Staff

Ms. Pat Casey

Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
Phone: +1-405-974-2373

Assisting the Executive Director in administrative duties which includes budget, bookkeeping, scheduling, travel and other related matters.

Mrs. Mary Edwards

Administrative Assistant

Need to see an advisor, either about immigration and government services or admission and  enrollment issues?  Tell me at the front desk what your need is and I will get you to the person you need to see.

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