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Why Is Everyone Smiling

A letter from the Executive Director

Dear frustrated student,
I know that you are making one of the hardest decisions of your life, and you must be so frustrated now because of so many universities and choices.  It's hard to know when one is right for you.  And it's a little bit scary.

I remember meeting Ms. Lee, from a coastal city in South Korea.  She had been researching many universities and came to see me because she read on the internet that I was in Seoul.  But she thought her situation was unique.  She wanted a good university in a safe environment.  She was afraid because she had heard that American professors were too busy to help international students.   And, even more important, she was concerned about costs.  She had heard that it costs more than $30,000 a year at most universities.  

I smiled.  She was exactly the kind of student that UCO had helped many times before.   I answered her concerns one by one.

The University of Central is an excellent university.  It is of the oldest established state universities in Oklahoma, founded in 1890 (one of the original buildings still remains).    It has a prestigious faculty with an academic philosophy that supports "transformative learning," a modern educational concept which puts students at the center of their educational experience.

UCO is located in one of the safest and most desirable communities in the U.S., where you can walk to nearby shops and restaurants in just minutes or take a short drive to the thriving metropolitan center of Oklahoma City with its beautiful downtown.  In Bricktown, you can take a boat ride on the canal or attend one of the international rowing regattas for which the city has become famous.

Professors at UCO focus on teaching.  All faculty have office hours where you can meet your professor and ask for help or clarification.  International students tell me that they love their professors.   Here are some actual comments from students which I have read (Sorry can't give names here but they're online.)  PICTURE OF PROFESSOR

"Totally awesome!!! Makes class fun and is very helpful whenever you need him. Contact by email is the best!!! If teachers could be around forever... he'd be a good one" About an English Professor."

"Great and helpful, I could not have passed without him!!" About a Mathematics Professor

"Best teacher at UCO! This class is tough but he makes it as easy as anyone can. He will hold study sessions on the weekends and he gives great reviews! Plus class is fun bc he is hilarious. I def recommend him!"  About an Accounting Professor.

"Awesome Teacher! Overall nice guy, very helpful. He wants you to learn the material and will go above and beyond to help."  About an Engineering Professor

"Professor (Name Withheld) makes you think outside the box and in a balanced way by bringing up various aspects of a particular issue. He is a brilliant man with a lot of education and real-world experience as a lawyer and elected official.  About a Political Science Professor

"She is a wonderful teacher. She helps you and keeps the class interesting by not just making you do (listen to) lecture all the time. Take this class!"  About a Journalism Professor.

UCO is very affordable.  Tuition includes everything you need and there are many scholarships for which international students can qualify. 

When I showed her the cost and the scholarships for which she could qualify, Ms. Lee began to smile.  But I had more to tell her. 

UCO has great Student Life:
With over 200 student organizations, including 17 international student organizations, and 90 countries represented on the University of Central Oklahoma campus, there is something for everybody.

International students can take advantage of opportunities where they get to formally meet an American student for Friendship and Cultural Exchange  (LINK TO BRONCHO BUDDY PAGE).

A superior Wellness Center for healthy living.  
Other universities charge extra for insurance and wellness.  At UCO, it is included in your fees! The modern Wellness Center includes two basketball/volleyball courts, an indoor running track and weight/cardiovascular training equipment.

112 Majors to choose from. Students can choose from over 112 different majors, including Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Graphic Design, TESOL, Management Information Systems, and Education.  UCO, with its world class Jazz Lab, is one of the foremost universities for preparing professional musicians in all fields. Our science programs are among the best in the country.  The brand new Forensic Science building houses America's premier Forensic Science lab. Our Engineering Physics degree is ranked among the top 25 in the nation, and our Biomedical Engineering degree prepares students for one of the most exciting careers of the future.

Six months later, I ran into Ms. Lee on campus. She told me coming to UCO was a great decision.  She admitted that it was challenging.  But she was learning a lot and the professors were very helpful.  Next semester, she might join the soccer club.

Why wait when you can apply today?  You can apply by clicking here!  Choose UCO, and be amazed.

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