Student Conduct - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma

UCO Office of Student Conduct 


The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to educate the campus community about student rights and responsibilities to maintain an atmosphere conducive for living and learning.  The Office of Student Conduct shall aim to balance the best interests of the students, faculty, and staff through honest and objective procedures, timely notice, and a practice of equity.


The purpose of the Office of Student Conduct is:

  1. To determine responsibility in cases of alleged student and student organization misconduct;
  2. To determine appropriate sanctions with learning outcomes for students and student organizations who have been found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct; and
  3. To develop and restore character, community, and civility among the students who have violated the Code of Student Conduct and those who have been affected by those violations.

The Office of Student Conduct encourages students to accept responsibility for their own actions as a means of transformative learning. The Office of Student Conduct fulfills this purpose through a variety of proactive programming efforts, notifications, and developmental sanctions.


“Advising on Rights, Responsibilities, Policies, and Character”


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