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Study Tours

A study tour is a credit-bearing course in which the majority of the academic work is accomplished through group study and travel outside the UCO campus. It provides a group of students with an applied, supervised experience at an off campus location, whether foreign or domestic, for a minimum of two or more overnights, and enhances the student's classroom knowledge of an academic discipline(s) through first hand exposure. Once on site, travel during the study tour is an integral part of the learning process.
Study Tour Posting Request (for faculty members only): If your Study Tour has been approved by Academic Affairs, you can request to the Centre for Global Competency to post the study tour on this website. Please click here to submit the "Study Tour Posting Request"

Paris: Culture and Commerce

Credit hours: 3
Professor in charge: Dr. Saba Bahouth
Contact information: sbahouth@uco.edu974-2819 or 974-2833
Dates: Twice a year / Spring Break and August. Check website below for exact dates.
Cost: $3,495, in three payments
Destination: Paris and the surrounding region
Comments: This Study Tour course is offered twice a year, during the Spring Break and in early August.
Website: Paris: Culture and Commerce

Scotland Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3
Professor in Charge: Dr. Kato Buss
Contact Information: kbuss2@uco.edu / 405 974 - 5512
Dates: July 27th, 2016 – August 8th, 2016
Cost: $3,600
Destination: Scotland
Comments: The CFAD Study Tour of Scotland provides UCO students an opportunity to travel to Scotland, in order to experience the artistic and cultural contributions of the country, including a tour of the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, and the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Join us!
Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA2m_oL8gJE

Italy Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3 credit hours (HUM or HIST)
Professors in Charge: Sarah Kyle, Ph.D. and Margaret Musgrove, Ph.D.
Contact Information: skyle@uco.edu (405) 974-5856, mmusgrove2@uco.edu (405) 974-5852
Dates: June 5th – June 20st, 2016
Cost: $3,420
Destination: Italy
Comments: This course explores the fundamental components of Roman history and cultural heritage with site visits throughout the city and its environs. Using an interdisciplinary methodology, students will examine art, religion, architecture, literature, and social institutions. We will explore how these facets of humanistic production work together to create the rich human experience of public and private life, from the Roman Republic to Mussolini’s fascist empire.

Spain Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3
Professor in Charge: Dr. Diana Pardo
Contact Information: dpardo@uco.edu / 405 – 974 - 5853
Dates: May 24th, 2016 – June 6th, 2016
Cost: $3,200
Destination: Cordoba, Granada, and Seville.
Comments: The tour "Cultures of Andalucia" is co-led by Dr. Diana Pardo and Dr. Guillermo Martínez. It focuses in the influences that Arabic and Islamic culture and traditions had in southern Spain, and how they are still present to this day. This tour gives a chance to students to get to know first hand many things and places that they have learned in the classrooms. For example to see and walk in the castle of the "Alhambra", to sing and dance to traditional Flamenco music; and to climb the top of the "Giralda" in Seville.

Germany Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3
Professor in Charge: Dr. Rudi Nollert 
Contact Information: hnollert@uco.edu / 405) 974-5845
Dates: May 21st, 2016 – June 5th, 2016
Cost: $3,300.00
Destination: Rhine River Valley, Berlin, Leipzig and Frankfurt, Germany
Website: Click here to go to the facebook page
Comments: Click here for additional information 

London and Dublin Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3
Professor in Charge: Dr. Randal ice
Contact Information: rdice@uco.edu / 405-974-2157
Dates: May 23rd, 2016 – June 4th, 2016
Cost: $3,795
Destination: London and Dublin
Comments: This is UCO's oldest continuous program in London and Dublin. Students may take options in History, Finance, Real Estate or International Law. Students may extend the class for 13 more days and three additional credit hours of historical research in London for an additional $1,700. Extensive scholarship assistance is available, and most students receive some aid. See Dr. Ice in Thatcher Hall, Room 146 for details.

Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3
Professor in Charge: Sam Magrill
Contact Information: smagril@uco.edu / 405 – 740 - 5807
Dates: May 21st, 2016 – June 4th, 2016
Cost: $3,600
Destination:Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest

Marseille to Madrid: Border Culture and the Camino

Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Professor in Charge: Catherine Webster
Contact Information:cwebster6@uco.edu / 405-974 - 5634
Dates: June 7th – June 21st, 2016
Cost: $3,700
Destination:France and Spain
Comments: "Marseille to Madrid: Border Culture and the Camino" is a 2-week study tour co-led by Professor of French Catherine Webster and Assistant Professor of Spanish Maria Teresa Moinette. We will spend one week in each country, learning about the Medieval and contemporary elements at play in both majors cities and small towns. In between, we will spend some time on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela to learn first-hand about the centuries-old pilgrimage path that travelers contiue to pursue to this day.

London and Rome Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3 Credit Hours
Professor in Charge: Dan Vincent
Contact info: dvincent@uco.edu / 405-974-5132
Dates: May 10th, 2016 – May 21st, 2016
Cost: $3,500
Destination: London and Rome
Comments: The focus of this study tour is on the challenging / changing of worldview that began with the Roman Empire and continues to present day. There will be an emphasis on views of the “Mind” (i.e., scientific revolution, psychology, learning) and how those ideas challenged Government, Authority and Power (i.e., Monarchies, Church, etc.). When visiting sites in London and Rome, these issues will be highlighted. Additionally, we will experience the rich culture that both London and Rome have to offer. For more information please visit the this link.

Padua and Venice Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Professor in charge: Lori Risley
Contact Information: lrisley1@uco.edu / 405-974-5533
Dates: March 11, 2016 / March 20, 2016
Cost: $3,100
Destination: Padua and Venice, Italy
Comments: Space is limited, apply early.
Cost includes all local transportation, entrance fees, hotel including breakfast and airfare.

The British Isles Study Tour

Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Professor in charge: Timothy Petete
Contact Information: tpetete@uco.edu / 405-974-5849
Dates:May 31, 2016 / June 12, 2016
Cost: $3,900
Destination:Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland.
Comments: The British Isles Study Tour focuses on selected literary, cultural, and historical contributions. By visiting a multitude of countries and venues, the course will provide students opportunities to learn, to experience, and to assess the arts and humanities of the British Isles. Open to graduates and undergraduates. All majors welcome.

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