University of Trieste
Trieste, Italy

The University of Trieste currently consists of 12 faculties, with a student population of about 23,000 units. 
The original core of the University is the School of Commerce, Revoltella Foundation, created in 1877 by private munificence, in order to conform to the dominant professional requirements and practices in commerce, navigation and related disciplines. 
The city of Trieste lies at the very edge of north-east Italy and is sandwiched by both nearby Slovenia and also the Adriatic Sea. Trieste is amongst Italy's most unique cities and Mediterranean resorts, and much of its former grandeur is still clearly apparent in the form of imposing buildings with elaborate Neo-classical facades.

Today, Trieste is often wrongly overlooked by tourists who choose to visit the more well-known Italian cities and their highly developed tourism infrastructures, such as Venice (162 km / 101 miles to the west). With its many cultural attractions, quality museums, endless coffee shops and ancient Roman remains, Trieste is also the perfect base for those wishing to explore this coast and its many gems, such as the Castello di Miramare.

Language requirement:

Intermediate / Advance Italian

Estimated Monthly Living Expenses:

Housing - $300 to $400
Meals - $250 to $350
Personal Expenses - $400 to $500
Medical Insurance - $90 (one time only)

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