University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The university was founded in 1919 on the basis of centuries of educational tradition, remaining the only Slovenian university for half a century. The University is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a relatively large Central- European city with over 300.000 inhabitants. Students account for more than one-seventh of the population, giving the city a youthful and lively character. The University of Ljubljana is the central and largest educational institution in Slovenia. We are also the largest in the area of study, with 64 percent of all the university students in Slovenia.

The University of Ljubljana ranks as a large university, with more than 50,000 graduate and postgraduate students.  Approximately 3500 higher education teachers are employed in the 23 faculties and 3 arts academies. The University member schools are responsible for carrying out undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as lifelong learning programs. The University of Ljubljana’s doctoral studies are organized within its Doctoral School, established in 2007. It supports the interdisciplinary approach of doctoral studies, inter-faculty ties and collaboration with other research institutions and individual researchers in Slovenia and abroad. It is the largest research organization in the Republic of Slovenia. Its share of researchers at the Slovenian Research Agency accounts for over 32% of all registered researchers in the country.

Language Requirement:


Estimated Monthly Living Expenses:

Housing - $300 to $450
Meals - $250 to $350
Personal Expenses - $300 - $500
Medical Insurance - $90 (One time only)


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