CaSTLE - Creating a Study Tour Leadership Experience

The CaSTLE program was created in 2008 to enhance students' cultural learning experiences, and to give faculty a "hands-on" experience in leading a study tour with someone who has experience in those unique teaching skills.  It's kind of like a "student teaching" for faculty in how to conduct study tours. We keep the group small. it is about five or so faculty members and about six or seven students.  Dr. Janette Wetsel, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Education, who has led several study tours across Europe to explore Early Childhood Education cross-culturally, leads CaSTLE


CaSTLE - Spring Break 2013 
March 15-24, 2012 Cost: $1750 + tuition


The total cost for the trip is only $1750 (plus tuition). You are required to enroll in the 2-hour CaSTLE course in order to participate. The application process is competitive. Click here to access the application  - due by September 7. 


For more information please contact:

Dr. Jan Wetsel
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education
Faculty Liason, Centre for Global Competency
Phone: 405- 974 - 2454