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Self-Study Timeline

March 1999          National Meeting

Jan 2000              Identify Self Study Chair and Writer

March 2000          Steering Committee initial meeting

April 2000             National Meeting

May 2000             Identify Sub-Committee Chairs
                            and Steering Committee
                            Sub-committee membership finalized

Sept 2000            Sub-committee work begins

March 2001          National Meeting

May 2001             First drafts of sub-committee reports

Sept 2001             Initial draft of Self-Study available for

October 2001        Final sub-committee reports completed

November 2001     Identification of Visiting Team Members

January 2002         First complete draft of Self-Study

February 2002       Second draft of Self-Study completed

March 2002            National Meeting

April 2002               Make adjustments to Self-Study

May 2002               Final draft of Self-Study available

June 2002               Print and Bind Self-Study

July 2002                Self-Study sent to Visiting Team

October 2002          Complete pre-visit paper work

November 2002     Visiting Team on campus

March 2003  Receive accreditation at National


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Last updated:  January 22, 2003