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NCA Visiting Evaluation Team (10 members) will be on campus November 11-13, 2002.  There will be individual meetings with deans and open meetings with students, faculty and staff.  All open meetings will be held on Monday, November 11, in the Dr. Virginia Lamb Living Room, Human Environmental Sciences.  Staff: 11:00 a.m. - Noon.  Faculty: 1:30-3:00 p.m.  Students: 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.



·         Two-year self-study process initiated in March 2000

·         Coordinated through an appointed self-study committee (26 members)

·         Utilized 15 sub-committees involving over 80 faculty/staff

·         Web site initiated and utilized; input for the re-accreditation self-study report came from students, faculty and staff

·         Action-oriented approach with findings sent to executive staff in the form of recommendations for review and immediate implementation



·         Present “compelling evidence” of UCO’s institutional effectiveness so that accreditation will be continued

·         Provide active participation in the self-study process

·         Review/evaluate progress in addressing previous NCA accreditation concerns

·         Utilize information gathered to move UCO forward to higher levels of quality

·         Pilot the use of the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP)



·           Identified “strengths” and “opportunities for improvement” in relationship to HLC/NCA required criteria (listed below)

o        The institution has clear and publicly stated purposes consistent with its mission and appropriate to an institution of higher education.

o        The institution has effectively organized the human, financial, and physical resources necessary to accomplish its purposes.

o        The institution is accomplishing its educational and other purposes.

o        The institution can continue to accomplish its purposes and strengthen its educational effectiveness.

o        The institution demonstrates integrity in its practices and relationships.


·       Selected “strengths”

o        Student learning is the central focus at UCO

o        UCO has a highly qualified and dedicated faculty and a large/diversified student body

o        Faculty are actively involved in the development/review of curriculum

o        Program review, assessment efforts and existing curricular committees support student learning and faculty involvement

o        Planning/decision making processes of the university are reasonably strong; a technology plan is in place and making notable progress

o        UCO has demonstrated its willingness to enter into new areas designed to improve its ability to serve students and other stakeholders (e.g. AQIP-Special Emphasis)



·               Selected “opportunities for improvement”

o        UCO would benefit from a sustained focus and regular re-visiting of the institutional vision and planning themes

o        Funding-related issues (including inadequate funding from state resources) persist

o        Feedback loop concept needs to be strengthened to enhance curricular improvement

o        Administrative processes should be reviewed for opportunities to improve quality, enhance efficiency and streamline operations

o        Human resource planning issues that will be addressed include (1) the integration of part-time faculty, (2) the faculty “pay card”, (3) the need to respond to market issues and (4) the need to align faculty/staff salaries with state and regional norms

o        The expansion of the process of benchmarking using a “best practice” model that will involve setting standards and searching for innovative ways to reach/surpass stated benchmarks




·         What do you understand the mission of UCO to be?

·         Is your department/college mission in alignment with the UCO mission?

·         What are the strengths of your department/college?

·         What are UCO’s strengths?

·         What concerns do you have?

·         How do faculty participate in decision-making?

·         How is communication accomplished between faculty and administration?

·         To what extent has assessment been implemented in your department/college?

·         What improvements have you made as a result of assessment findings?

·         How do students benefit from technology?

·         What has UCO done recently to improve the educational process for students?

·         What barriers prevent students and faculty from achieving their potential at UCO?

·         What is the most significant change at UCO during your tenure?


NOTE: Each dean and department chair has a complete copy of the re-accreditation self-study report for faculty review. Also the self-study report can be found in its entirety at: www.uco.edu/nca.



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