UCO Invites Supporters to Sponsor One Credit Hour for a Student at Scholarship Luncheon

The University of Central Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts recently hosted the third annual "An Hour for an Hour" scholarship luncheon in the UCO Nigh University Center Ballroom.

This scholarship luncheon invites alumni, faculty and friends of Central for a one-hour event to raise funds for Liberal Arts student scholarships. Guests are asked to underwrite at least one credit hour of undergraduate tuition which is currently $148.65 to help create scholarships for Fall 2013.

"A college education is crucial for young people to be successful. The recent economic downturn has made it difficult for students to find part-time jobs that help finance their education. We are asking for the continued support of our alumni and friends to fund these much needed scholarships," said Gary Steward, Ph.D., Dean of Central's College of Liberal Arts.

"An Hour for an Hour" will highlight three students, allowing them to share their stories about UCO, as well as, the importance of scholarships.

All funds raised at the event will be available for the fall 2013 semester to help qualified students with their college education expenses.

To reserve a seat at the next luncheon, contact Lea Ann Chandler, development manager, at 974-3782 or lchandler3@uco.edu.

To view the video of the most recent luncheon, click here.