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Institute of Hope Scholarship

Applications for The Institute of Hope Scholarship are due January 4, 2016

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The UCO Institute of Hope Scholarship is awarded to students facing financial hardship, abuse, or extenuating circumstances as they try to reach their educational goals.  It was created by three Sociology alumnae to fight prejudice, poverty and abuse through educational programming and flexible student financial aid. UCO students may apply for regular or emergency aid for textbooks, tuition and fees, and other related expenses not funded by traditional student support. The deadline for applications each semester is one week prior to the start of the semester.  Under mitigating circumstances, applications may be accepted after the deadline. Amounts of awards may vary based on demonstrated need and the number of awards at any given time is subject to the availability of funds. 

*Must be a U.S. Resident/Citizen
*A specific major is not required to apply for these funds, but preference may be given to Liberal Arts majors
*You must provide a brief statement explaining your financial need, any special circumstances, and additional information or comments
*You need to demonstrate that all or part of your financial need can not be covered through regular financial aid or why these funding streams are insufficient
*While a specific GPA is not required to obtain funding, the scholarship committee would like to see evidence of a student's commitment to his/her education through GPA or ability to show progress from past semesters to the present
*You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours in the semester for which you apply for funds
*Recipients will be required to write a letter to the Institute of Hope founders before funds are disbursed

Documentation Required:

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