Links for Students

First Things First

The College of Liberal Arts has Student Success Advisors whose only job is to help YOU achieve academic success. Advisors are there to help you plot out a degree plan and determine what classes you should take when. If you have questions regarding courses or progress in your major, your first stop should be your student success advisor. You can find out more about the advisors and the services they offer on the Student Success Advisors pages.

The Helpful Stuff

We know sometimes you just need that one little tidbit of information on when, where or how much. Below, you'll find a collection of some of the most frequently accessed pages on the UCO website.

The Fun Stuff

The College of Liberal Arts strives to give our students opportunities outside the classroom as well as inside. There are dozens of student organizations that you might want to become a part of. There are organizations that are specific to various disciplines and fields of study. There are organizations to help students become more active in social organizations and politics. And there are organizations that are just fun ways to blow off steam. Find the one that's right for you.

Plus, the College of Liberal Arts offers ways for aspiring writers to get work published through New Plains Review, the ScissorTale Review and Arcadia Magazine.

The Broncho Debate team is frequently ranked among the best - challenging major universities and Ivy League powerhouses.

Study tour opportunities give Liberal Arts students the chance to learn in exotic locations all over the world.

The Fund Stuff

Yes, stuff costs money. It's unfortunate, but it's true. The College of Liberal Arts has a number of ways to help soften the blow.

There are thousands of dollars of scholarships available to students in the College of Liberal Arts every year.

Study Tour Scholarships help students defray some of the costs of attending study tours in far-flung locations like Germany, Italy, England, Spain and many more.

Students who travel to attend professional conferences may even be eligible for assistance with travel funding from the College of Liberal Arts. The links below will help you find out more.

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