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Department of Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies


2014 Fall Semester

Instructor's Name Office # eMail Address Telephone # Office Hours BACUS, Juanita None D2L None D2L BLANCHARD, Jessica None None by appointment only BURNS, Jaime COM 115 C (405) 974-5591 M 2:00P-4:00P
W 11:00A-12:00P
TR 1:30P-3:30P
and by appointment CHAPPELL, Brenda LAR 209 (405) 974-5546 MWF 8:30A-9:30A
TR   by appointment only CHRISTIE, Art LAR 201 A (405) 974-5547 TWR 3:30P-4:30P
  and by appointment CLEARY, Shawna COM 115 F (405) 974-5841 M   3:30P-4:30P
W   by appointment only
TR 10:30A-11:00A
12:15P-2:00P COHN, Brooke None None by appointment only COON, Beverly None None by appointment only COPLEY, Leeda LAR 207 (405) 974-5509 MTWR 2:00P-3:15P FORD, David LAR 201 C (405) 974-5520 MW 10:00A-10:45A
5:15P-5:30P (Family students have priority)
T 10:00A-11:00A
R 10:00A-11:00A
F   9:00A-10:45A GANICK, Lois None D2L None D2L GRIFFIN, Janet LAR 206 (405) 974-3433 MTWRF 7:00A-7:45A
MWF   9:00A-9:45A
TR 9:20A-12:15
  and by appointment HOBBS, Kelvin None (405) 640-5936 by appointment only HORN, Jody CTL 201 (405) 974-2543 by appointment only JENKINS, Michael LIB 208 (405) 974-5830 by appointment only KILLIAN, J. Keith LAR 201 E (405) 974-5534 MTR 1:30P-3:00P
before and after class by appointment only LAUS, Vincent LAR 201 B (405) 974-5276 TR 12:30P-1:30P
W 12:30P-3:30P McCUNE, LaDonna LAR 201 A (405) 974-5538 MWF 11:00A-12:00P
T 3:30P-4:30P
R 6:30P-7:30P MICHALIKOVA, Nina LAR 201 B (405) 974-5535 TR 2:00P-5:00P MOUSER, James None None by appointment only MOUSER, Meredith None None by appointment only PACE, G. Denise None (405) 525-9426 leave message; by appointment only REED, Douglas LAR 201 F (405) 974-5803 MTW 2:30P-4:30P
RF 1:00P-3:00P
If necessary, by appointment RICHARDSON, Dougla None (405) 517-7679 by appointment only ROBINSON, Tosha None D2L   D2L ROSS, Melissa None D2L   D2L SHUKLA, Rashi COM 115 E (405) 974-5278 T 10:00A-1:00P
R 12:00P-1:30P
and by appointment STEWARD, Gary LAR 104 (405) 974-5540 by appointment only SULLINS, Stephen None None by appointment only VERSCHELDEN, Cia THH 106 A (405) 974-2539
(785) 317-1884 by appointment only WILLIAMS, Kathryn LAR 201 D (405) 974-5271 MWF 10:00A-11:00A
M 12:00P-2:00P WILLIAMS, Linda None None MT 4:00P-4:30P before class WILLIS, Michael CeCe bldg. (405) 974-3582
(405) 305-9340 by appointment only; Center for eLearning & Continuing Education (CeCe)
on Baumann Street
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