College of Liberal Arts: Department of Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies: Field Study Information

University of Central Oklahoma
Department of Sociology, Substance Abuse Studies and Gerontology

Field Study for Sociology, Human Services

Kathryn Williams, Coordinator
100 North University Drive, Box
Liberal Arts 201-B
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
Telephone: 405- 974- 5271


Jeannine Nyangira, Student Advisor
Telephone: 405-974-5818 

Procedure Prior to beginning field study

1. Make appointment with Kathryn Williams  or Jeannine Nyangira
            During Summer: Contact Williams at

2. Read entire packet

3. Select field placement

4. Turn in cover letter and resume for review (Williams)

5. Get A1 form signed, return to K. Williams for permission to enroll

6. Enroll in Soc. 4940, CRN -------  and pay for hours


SOC 4940 – Field Study in Sociology
[1-4 Credit Hours]


This is a foundation course for Sociology-Human Services majors which allow students to integrate coursework with real world experience.
Students should use this experience to explore future career areas, integrate workplace skills with coursework and to network for possible recommendations/jobs.

A.   Students should have senior status (90 credit hours or above) or be a second semester junior (75 credit hours or above) to be eligible for enrollment.

B.   Students should apply with their desired agency where they want to do their field study four or more months ahead of their projected enrollment due to time-consuming background checks, application processing, etc. BE AWARE that you may split the hours between sites to increase your experience and networking. See below

Students may fulfill all three hours at one site or divide the credit hours between two placements. The three (3) hours are the equivalent to 120 hours of site work which translates as 40 hours per each hour of practicum. This does not include time spent for securing the placement or transportation.  
Only enroll in the number of hours you can realistically expect to complete during that semester.

D. As part of the Sociology Field Study Program, students will keep a log in-out sheet that briefly describes their activity for the day and hours. 
Upon the completion of their field study, the student will

These four items must be submitted together to the coordinator on Monday two weeks before the final to receive a pass/fail grade. 

Expectations of Student Conduct

Each student is responsible for securing his/her own placement
Remember you represent both UCO and the Sociology department
You are expected to follow proper business etiquette and act professionally at all times. This includes a well-groomed appearance and compliance with the dress code and policies. Students should be punctual and enthusiatic
Each student should have a clear understanding of duties and ask for clarification with the site supervisor

Field Study Procedure

Make an appointment with Kathryn Williams or Ms. Jeannine Nyangira, Student Advisor, (405) 974-5818   to discuss seeking an agency site and the application process.
Many possible field study sites are listed on our departmental HomePage, beneath Sociology or the agency sites can be obtained through the Ms. Nyangira and/or Ms. Williams.


Hours worked


Supervisor’s initials

2.    When seeking agency placement, always telephone beforehand to confirm the name and address of the person responsible for student Field Study positions since personnel may make changes and our list is not current.

Example of telephone etiquette:

Hello, my name is________.  I am a senior at UCO completing my degree in Sociology-Human Services.  Based on my knowledge of  _____ (agency, organization), I am seeking to enhance my learning experience by securing a field study with your agency.  I am interested in doing a (1-3)____hour placement which involves _____ (40-120) of agency site work.
May I ask what a typical field study involves with your agency? . . . .

If the agency is interested or the contact person is available, ask them how they prefer your resume to be sent.

3. Send or email a cover letter and resume. This must be shown to Williams or Nyangira prior to sending.
 Cover letter Example –

Kathryn M. Williams
111 East 1st Street
Edmond, Oklahoma 73333

March 31, 2010

Ms. Susan Smith
Human Resources Director
Xyz Agency
222 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73034

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am very interested in a field study opportunity with ______________(Xyz Agency)  as discussed in our telephone conversation today.  I have strong desire to work with__________(homeless teens) and pursue a career in that field. I belief that your agency's dedication and commitment to this under-served population will help me in my career goals of making a positive impact in this area.

Through both coursework and_______(job experience and/or volunteer experience), I believe that I have the skills to interact with a diverse range of people. I am prepared to represent the agency in a caring and professional manner.  I work efficiently and set new goals for myself to continually progress.

I welcome the opportunity to excel in this environment. I am an excellent candidate for a field study position and look forward to meeting you.

I will contact you next week to schedule an appointment.


Kathryn Williams

Enclosure: resume

4. Clarify duties/expectations with desired field study supervisor.

5. After acceptance at site, make an appointment with Kathryn Williams. Bring completed field Study Application form and a copy of your cover letter/resume to receive permission form to enroll in Soc 4940-Field Study in Sociology.

6. Please contact Ms. Williams mid-way through field study to discuss progress.

7. Turn in all required information on noted dates.

8. Send a hand written thank you note to site supervisor. 

Field Study Site Application  A.1

Bring completed form to Field Study Coordinator after securing placement.

Fall_________ Spring________Summer_________ (check one) Year__________

Name of Student____________________________________telephone_________
UCO Student ID#_______________________

                        Street                                       City                             State                Zip Code
Student's University Identification Number________________________________

Declared Major_____________________ Hours completed_____________

Field Study Site
          Street                                       City                             State                Zip Code
Supervisor Name____________________________________________________
Describe functions/duties/population served by agency

Requirements for selection process for field study:
Background check_______  lie detector________ drug testing________ other________________________________________________________

Signature of Student__________________________________date_____________
**Site Approval: This confirms that the above-named student has been accepted by our agency for a field study.

**______________________________________        ___________________
     Site Supervisor Signature                                                                       date

Please initial acceptance:
Completion date of field study:  Last Monday in November (fall),  April (spring) and July (summer)

Field Study Log for Sociology Students   A.2

Student Name___________________________Semester________ year________
Mid-semester appointment_______________Date of completion______________
Name of Field Study Site______________________________________________

Supervisor Name (please print) ______________________________________________telephone__________________

Supervisor Signature________________________________________date___________

Sociology Field Study Evaluation  A.3
Student Name__________________________________________

Thank you on behalf of the Sociology department at the University of Central Oklahoma for allowing this student the opportunity to participate in a field study at this site/agency.
Hopefully our student has helped in return for your guidance. It is necessary that we assess student work and would ask that you evaluate the student by placing a check on each area which best represents the student's performance.
Supervisors are requested to review the assessment with the student then send it to the coordinator in a sealed/envelop. (student to provide)
1(one)  is least effective, 3 (three) is average and 5(five) is the most effective.

            Least effective__________________________________Most effective

1. Dependability/punctuality                          1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
2. Adaptability                                             1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
3. Cooperation                                            1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
4. Interpersonal skills with client                    1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
5. Ability to maintain professional distance      1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
6. Interpersonal skills with staff                     1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
7. Emotional Stability                                    1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
8. Professional Appearance                            1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
9. Initiative                                                  1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
10. General Knowledge of client base              1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
11. Practical Application                                 1______2_____3_____4_____5_____
12. Ethical Behavior                                       1______2_____3_____4_____5_____

Please note any assets/strengths observed.




Please note any areas needing improvement such as skill sets, inappropriate use of time (texting, etc) or level of maturity.         




__________________________________________     ________________________
Field Study Supervisor Signature/date                                   Student signature/date

                                                Field Study Site

Student Evaluation of the Field Study Experience
Sociology-Human Services    A.4

Student Name_____________________________

Supervisor's Name__________________________

Agency Name_____________________________

Date of placement  _________________________
                                  From                                        to

What is your opinion of this experience? Was it effective for your learning purposes? Were there ineffective duties? Please give concrete examples.




How would you rate the quality of instructions/expectations given?



Least 2 (two) positive outcomes of this experience.



Student's signature/date

Supervisor's signature/date



Field Study Paper   A.5

Due 2 weeks before end of semester. Papers will be returned for correction with no grade given for papers with more than 3 errors.

Parameters for 4 to 6 page paper.  Suggested areas to cover

Describe your placement site, client-base (homeless, teen-parent, families with children removed due to abuse/neglect, etc.) Public (government) or private, services provided

Describe various areas you participated in- volunteers, services- meals, after school instruction, supervised visitation, etc.)

Your overall response to this experience

What skills you were able to develop, hone due to experience.
Did this increase/decrease your interest in working in this area? Why?

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