College of Liberal Arts: Department of Sociology, Gerontology, and Substance Abuse Studies: Degree Programs: Gerontology

Master of Arts in Gerontology

The Master of Arts in Gerontology is a specialized program designed for the individual who wishes to work with adults in a variety of environments. The Gerontology major provides the student with a base of information and experiences, in and out of the classroom, for dealing with the many aspects of aging. Many of today's concerns with a more mature population are explored. The emphasis in the Gerontology major is on the "humanistic" approach, recognizing that aging is a developmental state.

As higher education in the state attempts to deal with the changing demands of both an undereducated workforce and an older population, the University of Central Oklahoma's Gerontology program is a leader among adult education programs in the State of Oklahoma.

Anticipated interest groups for Gerontology major:

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