College of Liberal Arts: Department of Political Science: Faculty: Dr. Youngtae Shin

Dr. Youngtae Shin

Professor, Dept. of Political Science
University of Central Oklahoma
LA 102 E
(405) 974-5524

Oklahoma Political Science Scholar of the Year, 2003

Research Interests

Youngtae Shin's publications have focused on the relationship between state, society and women. Her published books include: Women and Politics in Japan and Korea (Mellen Press, 2004); Asian Women's Political Voice (Sookmyung Women's University, 2006). She is currently writing a book on protest politics and democratization. Her next project is to study security issues in relation to nationalism, regime types, and their impact on promoting peaceful relationships among states.

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Did You Know...

Youngtae Shin had the sweetest and most aristocratic daughter called Dori. She was bilingual and was a cat (now residing in Heaven), but she did not know she was a cat, in spite of her extraordinary intelligence.

Every major juncture in Korean history touched her family directly dating back to 918 A.D. - want to know more details? Contact me.

She worked as a RN, an excellent one (until the electronic technology took over) and supported her husband through his PhD and her own while raising two daughters.

What she is most proud of: Her two grown daughters.

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