Munich and Berlin

May 17 - June 1, 2014

UCO students in Germany, 2012

Germany is Europe’s economic powerhouse. Learn what has made Germany great over 2000 years, how World War brought disaster to Germany, and how the country has recovered to become the democratic leader of Europe.

castleThe German Study Tour for summer 2014 serves three purposes for the UCO student.  Firstly, the student learns the basic skills of international travel: to plan a trip, carry through on the travel in a safe and educational manner, record experiences that contribute to global learning, and evaluate experiences to become a well-rounded global citizen. Secondly, by enhancing learning with on-site experience, the student will learn about crucial aspects of European intellectual and cultural history, covering historical, social, political, artistic, economic, and technological topics.  And thirdly, the traveller/student will return to UCO prepared to re-contextualize these experiences with several additional semesters of learning. This study tour can become a central component of a lifetime of travel, reflection, and evaluation for UCO students.

The Humanities section trains students to assess artifacts produced over 2000 years to assess their cultural significance for the present day. Students are taught to distinguish between intellectual insight, artistic expression and factual information on the one hand, and propaganda, kitsch, and misinformation on the other. Students will learn skills that apply readily to other cultural settings.

Tour Itinerary:

Sony Center, Berlin17 May            Depart OKC to Dublin
18 May            Arrive Dublin. Transfer to hotel. Guinness Museum?
19 May            Depart Dublin to Munich. Transfer to hotel. Return to city center. Ratshaus. Glockenspiel at 5 p.m. Dinner at Hofbräuhaus.
20 May            BMW automobile plant tour a.m.  Alte Pinakothek p.m. Optional with faculty Neue Pinakothek.
21 May            Germany under the Nazis—excursion to Dachau concentration camp
22 May            Excursion to Neuschwanstein
23 May            Directed learning day Munich—Student free choice (examples: art museum, technical museum, brewery tour, city history, church architecture, Olympic park, concert or performance)
24 May            Medieval Germany—from Roman Empire to Holy Roman Empire
25 May            Train to Berlin. Transfer to Hotel Konstanz. Return to Zentrum: Brandenburg Gate. Jewish Museum. Reichstag—climb dome.
26 May            Excursion to Wittenberg. Schloßkirche. Lutherhaus. Cranachhaus. Cranachhöfe
27 May            Excursion to Potsdam. Sanssouci Palace
28 May            Countday Day—10 things that make Berlin the coolest city in Europe
29 May            KaDeWe. Berlin Wall
30 May            Directed learning day Berlin (see above)
31 May            Depart Berlin to Dublin. Transfer to hotel. Group dinner
1 June             Flight Dublin to OKC

Tour Cost

Estimated travel fees: $3150 plus tuition (includes airfare, ground transportation, hotel with breakfasts, museum and site admissions).

For more information, contact:
History: Dr. Michael Springer,;
Humanities: Dr. Mary Brodnax,;
German: Dr. Rudi Nollert,