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Why Study Spanish?

Spanish is the official first language of more countries than any other language in the world and the third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English. Spain, Mexico, all the countries of Central America, most countries of South America, and several Caribbean Islands, all use Spanish as their official language. It is also spoken in Equatorial Guinea in West Africa as well as Northern Morocco. The descendants of Latin-Americans make up over eleven percent of the population in the United States and give the U.S. the third largest Spanish speaking population in the western hemisphere.

Knowledge of Spanish offers excellent career opportunities and the travel possibilities are limitless. To truly experience a foreign country in all its depth a traveler must be able to have a meeting of the minds with its people. Imagine hearing the legends of the Incas, Aztecs or Mayas, directly from the descendants of the builders of those noble but lost empires as you wander through their perennial monuments in Machu Picchu, Teotihuacán, or Chichén Itzá. Whether it be snorkeling in the crystal clear Mediterranean coves of the Island of Minorca, Spain, or trekking through the Patagonia in Argentina, Spanish will open up the doors to many adventures among natural, architectural, and artistic marvels.

Spanish Major Requirements

Total hours: 39-55 Elementary Spanish   0-8 Hours SPAN 1114 Elementary Spanish I   SPAN 1224 Elementary Spanish II   A maximum of eight hours of credit for Elementary Spanish may be earned by examination. Alternatively, one (1) year of high school Spanish may be substituted for Spanish 1114 and one (1) more year of high school Spanish for 1224. The Departmental Placement Test, when available, may allow the student to place into a section of SPAN 2223. Elementary additional language   0-8 Hours The same testing or placement conditions apply here as for Elementary Spanish. Intermediate Spanish   6 Hours SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I   SPAN 2223 Intermediate Spanish II   Advanced Spanish   33 Hours required courses   18 Hours SPAN 3013 Hispanic-American Culture and Civilization SPAN 3023 Spanish Culture and Civilization SPAN 3213 Spanish Phonetics   SPAN 3223 Introduction to Spanish Literary Analysis   SPAN 4113 Advanced Spanish Grammar   SPAN 4910 Seminar in Spanish (3 hours) Select from the following   6 Hours SPAN 4123 Survey of Spanish Literature to 1800   SPAN 4133 Survey of Spanish Literature 1800 to the Present   SPAN 4223 Survey of Early Latin American Literature   SPAN 4233 Survey of Modern Latin American Literature   Spanish electives (3000/4000 level courses)
(may include 3 hours of a 2000-level elective)
  9 Hours Participation in foreign study is strongly recommended for all Spanish majors and minors Electives to bring total to   124 Hours
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