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Department of Modern Languages
University of Central Oklahoma
100 N. University Dr., Box 96
Edmond, OK 73034-5209

Department Telephone: (405) 974-5647
Department Fax: (405) 974-5848
Department Location: Thatcher Hall 204
Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

*The administrative assistant and/or student worker may be out of the office occasionally to attend to departmental business. If the office is closed and you need to drop off paperwork, please slide it under the door.

Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages

Welcome in Different LanguagesThe Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies promotes the study and teaching of second languages and the study of the literatures and cultures produced by the peoples of those languages.

The Department offers both general introductions to these languages and cultures as well as advanced study for the training of teachers, scholars, and other professionals. The Department also serves as a catalyst for the creation of community events and activities to promote cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary understanding, communication, and analysis.

The Department fosters the intellectual advancement of its teaching faculty by enabling the pursuit of scholarly goals.

Scholarships Available to Modern Languages Students

The College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Modern Languages offer scholarships to students pursuing degrees in the department.

Scholarship requirements vary. Some are based on academic performance while others consider financial need. Find out more about what scholarships are available at the College of Liberal Arts' scholarship pages.

If you are an Oklahoma resident and a declared language major or language education major (minors may be given secondary consideration) in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need, you may also qualify for a Modern Language Tuition Waiver. Tuition waiver applications are due by March 27, 2015.  Get the application here.  

Congratulations to the 2013-2014
Department of Modern Languages scholarship recipients!

Modern Languages Finney Scholarship

Jacqueline Biheng

Pandora Everett Scholarship in Spanish Language Education

Melody Adams

Dr. Cathy Stults Scholarship in French Studies

Heidi McKee

 Nollert Family Scholarship in German Studies

Lindsey Chadwell

Samuel Henry and Elizabeth P. Mitchell Scholarship

Shannon Hoyle

Outstanding Student in French Scholarship

Christian Leach

Outstanding Student in German Scholarship

Valerie Carpenter

Outstanding Student in Spanish Scholarship

Cynthia Perez

Teach a Language

Are you qualified to teach Spanish, Arabic, or Italian? Apply for available positions in the Department of Modern Languages at

At UCO, we believe your career is more than just a "job." It's an opportunity to develop and enhance skills, to network and establish lasting connections and to lead a fulfilling life. Maybe that's why UCO is ranked as one of the "Great Universities to Work For" by the Chronicle of Higher Education and certified as a "Healthy Workplace" by the Oklahoma Department of Health!

Enhance Your Spanish Skills at Casa Hispana

The Spanish Learning Community, Casa Hispana, is a new learning community that both incoming and returning students can join.  Members will be living in a tight-knit community that will allow them to practice their Spanish language skills as well as explore the UCO campus, Spanish-speaking cultures, and study abroad opportunities. 16- 24 qualified new and upper-class students will be admitted to join this community.

Find out more ...

Make Yourself More Marketable with an Asian Studies Minor

UCO's Asian Studies Minor brings together a foundation in an Asian language and upper-division classes on important topics - taught in English. Future employers see your major and your minor - so they will know that you have a much broader range than just one field.  Future graduate programs see your curiosity and ambition in your having a major and a minor - and they might be able to fund Study Abroad in an Asian country. 

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