Extrainstitutional Language Exams Offered by UCO Testing Services to Students

UCO Study Guides are available in the Copy Center, NUC 1st floor.

Non UCO students can refer to: for a complete listing of exams.

Effective: March 1st, 2008 COURSE COURSE TO BE CREDITED NAME OF TEST MINIMUM SCORE FRCH 1114 Elementary French I French Language 42 FRCH 1224 Elementary French II French Language 50 FRCH 2113 Intermediate French I French Language 63 GERM 1114 Elementary German I German Language 42 GERM 1214 Elementary German II German Language 50 GERM 2113 Intermediate German I German Language 63 SPAN 1114 Elementary Spanish I Spanish Language 42 SPAN 1224 Elementary Spanish II Spanish Language 50 SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I Spanish Language 63

CLEP INFO: Fees & Photo ID's - 2 Separate fees of $15.00 & $65.00 and 2 photo ID's are required.

UCO fee of $15.00 is payable by exact cash amount or check only.

CLEP fee of $65.00 is payable by check, money order, check card or credit card only. NO CASH for this fee!

DANTES INFO: Fees & Photo ID - 2 Separate fees of $10.00 & $70.00 and 1 photo ID is required.

UCO fee of $10.00 is payable by exact cash amount or check only.

DANTES fee of $70.00 is payable by credit card or money order only. NO CHECK/CASH for this fee!

FOR APPOINTMENT CALL: UCO Testing Services at 974-2388 - Valid photo ID is required to test.

NOTICE: A candidate may not RETEST a CLEP exam within 6 months of the testing date.

Scores on tests repeated earlier than six months will be cancelled and the scores forfeited.

*This web page is intended solely as an aid to student planning, and may not represent the most current information available about CLEP testing from the UCO testing center. To obtain the most accurate and up do date information regarding CLEP credits, fees and tests available, please contact UCO Testing Services at 974-2388.

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