Online Spanish

Enrollment in Closed Web Sections:

Thank you for your interest in our online language courses. The demand for these courses is high and all sections fill quickly as you undoubtedly have discovered. Unfortunately, we cannot grant permission to enroll in closed sections because we are unable to support overload enrollment in any of the online courses.

Please do not email instructors or the Modern Languages office requesting permission to enroll in closed online course as instructors will not give permission and cannot respond to all the individual requests for permission that they receive. Instead, you may add yourself to the waitlist for the online course you would like to take.

In the event that you cannot enroll in one of the web courses, multiple on-campus Monday-Thursday courses are offered most hours throughout the morning and afternoon and several Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday courses are offered from 5:30-7:20 PM and 7:30-9:20 PM, so there is sure to be something to fit your scheduling needs.

If those options do not work for you, UCO also offers self-paced Elementary Spanish I (SPAN 1114) and Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 1224). Visit for more information.

Remember that if you have prior study of Spanish, you may be able to earn credit for SPAN 1114, SPAN 1224, and SPAN 2113 through CLEP testing. Call Testing Services at 974-2388 or visit the CLEP testing link on the MLLCS department web page for more information.

Good luck with your Spanish studies! We hope to see you in one of our course options in the future.