Mass Communication News and Announcements

The Department of Mass Communication is pleased to announce that the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education approved a new master's degree in Human Communication on April 19.  The MA in Human Communication will start in Fall 2012. 
Dr. Steven Pratt, Professor of Interpersonal Communication, is the graduate program director.  He can be reached at or 974-5585.

The Master of Arts in Human Communication provides an avenue for academic research and professional enhancement by engaging students in advanced and contemporary communication theory. Through consultation with their primary professor, students will develop a specific academic focus appropriate to their interests and goals. Students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree are better prepared by expanding upon the knowledge base obtained in their baccalaureate program, thus enabling them to develop research skills necessary to earn a doctorate. Students who wish to enhance their professional consulting expertise may specialize in areas such as conflict management, relational dynamics, family communication, ministry, interpersonal communication training, intercultural/global competencies, and mediation.

Students are required to complete thirty hours of course work and six thesis hours. Twelve of these hours are required Mass Communication courses with the remaining eighteen hours as electives (electives must be approved by the director). Students do have the option of completing up to twelve hours outside the Mass Communication Department. Course work completed outside the department generally should result in a minor concentration in an area that will complement Human Communication studies such as sociology, psychology, education, English, or business.

Mass Communication's Dr. Mary Carver Attends American Democracy Project Conference in San Antonio

Mass Communication Core Curriculum Coordinator, Dr. Mary Carver recently attended the 2012 AASCU National American Democracy Project Conference in San Antonio, Texas. This year's conference focused on civic engagement and student collaboration through social media. Pictured outside the Alamo are from left to right: Dr. Mary Carver, Dr. Susan Scott, Dr. Patti Loughlin, Lora Jorgenen, and Dr. Janelle Grellner.


Carver at Alamo

Off to Trinidad to Defend Press Freedom

The International Press Institute held its World Congress there Sunday, June 24-26 and Mass Communication E.K. Gaylord Endowed Ethics Chair, Yvette Walker, was there to appear on a panel about Ethics and Digital Media.

The IPI has defended press freedom for more than 60 years. It holds a World Congress every year. Alison Bethel, executive director of the IPI, said in a statement: “The three-day IPI World Congress will examine the many challenges, concerns and opportunities facing the media not only in the Caribbean, but also in the rest of the Americas and around the globe.”

On Tuesday, June 26, she appeared on a panel at the IPI World Congress: "Online Media and Ethics in a Changing Media Landscape.". She discussed the Trayvon Martin case as it related to how the information circulated via online media and social media. Her points were that the original print story by the Orlando Sentinel was too small to attract the attention the story later received, and that the incident didn't become national and international news until bloggers chimed in, a petition to charge George Zimmerman garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures (now millions) and the iconic hoodie photo was widely shared on social media.

Pictured is Walker (sitting centered) with other panelist at the conference.

Walker IPI

UCentral Launches New Netcast Studio for Professional Media Majors

The Department of Mass Communication continues to evolve its Professional Media major to allow students to gain advanced hands-on training and real world application. This past spring semester a new netcast studio was built to accomodate the growing demand for online content and student produced web shows. The new netcast studio provides HD video and digital audio recording capabilities. This new learning lab will allow students within the Professional Media major to produce interview shows, acoustic musical performances, and Broncho athletic programs for the upcoming fall semester. The netcast studio bridges the gap between radio, print, and television in providing an efficent outlet to produce on-demand web content. The new studio is housed in the UCentral Media wing of the Communications Building.

Netcast Studio