Sail Through Humanities and Philosophy Classes


The Department of Humanities and Philosophy Offers Free Tutoring for Humanities and Philosophy Classes


Humanities Classes Tutored

HUM 2113 Ancient to Medieval
HUM 2223 Renaissance to Modern


Rebecca Brown:
MW 9—10am AND 11am—12pm

Travis Drew:
MWF 10—11 am, TR 11am—12:30pm

James Gregory:
M 10am—12pm , WF 10am—1pm

Daniel McCune:
MW 1—2pm, TR 2—3pm

Beth Ussery:
HOURS:  M 11am—1pm, TR 11am—12:30pm, W 11am—1pm, F 1—2pm

Appointments may be made also—Please email the tutor.

Philosophy Classes Tutored

PHIL 1103 Logic & Critical Thinking
PHIL 1113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1123 Contemporary Moral Problems


Maryam Amighi:
HOURS:  MW 10am—12pm, TR 9—11am

Jack Berry:
HOURS:  MF 9—11am, MW 2—3pm

Kristen Bolek:
HOURS:  TR 11am—2pm, W 2—3pm, F 12—1pm

Jordan Davis:
HOURS:  TR 9—11am AND 2-3pm

Clinton Farmer:
HOURS:  MW 9—10am AND 2—3pm, TR 11am—12pm, F 9—11am

Jenna Jones:
HOURS:  MWF 11am—12pm, TR 11am—1pm, F 2—3pm

Appointments may be made also—Please email the tutor.

Notes to students seeking help:

The tutors are here to assist you and NOT to do your work for you.
If you wish to make an appointment with a tutor, you need to contact the tutor by email at least 2 days before the desired meeting.  You may wish to include a phone number at which you may be contacted by the tutor.  Please feel free to stop by during their office hours also.
Each tutor has the right to refuse help to any student who fails to meet his or her own obligations.