Department Faculty

Dr. Stanley Adamiak
U.S. and Military History

Dr. Kenny Brown
Oklahoma, American West, and  U.S. Gilded Age/Progressive Era

Dr. Michelle Brym

Dr. Lindsey Churchill
Latin American History; Director of Graduate Studies Program

Dr. Marc Goulding
History Undergraduate Advisor; Director, Race and Ethnic Studies Minor; African American History; African Diaspora; Empires and Anti-imperialism; Anticolonial Nationalism; Black Power; Pan-Africanism

Dr. Russell Graves
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography
Historical Geography of the Great Plains and American West, Agricultural Land Use, American Environmental History, Social Studies Education

Dr. Mark Janzen
Program Coordinator, Museum Studies - Museum Studies

Dr. Katrina Lacher
Environmental History, 20th-century U.S. History, History Education

Dr. Xiao Bing Li
Asian, U.S., and Diplomatic History

Dr. Patricia Loughlin
Department Chair
American West, Women's, & Modern U.S. History

Dr. Justin Quinn Olmstead
Director of History Education, First World War, Diplomatic History, U.S. and World

Dr. Jeff Plaks
Russian and European History

Dr. Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen
British History, European Women, World History

Dr. Michael S. Springer
Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Dr. Brad Watkins
GIS and Historical Geography

Adjunct Faculty

All offices for adjunct faculty are located in LA 202K (phone 974-5675) unless otherwise indicated.

  • Aaron Bachhofer
  • Aleithia Burgess
  • John Elder
  • Paula Farley
  • Carrie Fox
  • Herbert Ham
  • Stuart Howard
  • Erin Karl
  • Greg Maphet
  • Margaret Musgrove
  • Adam Payne
  • Thomas Rye
  • Ed Smith
  • Kenny Tapp
  • Ross Tripp
  • Mary Vick
  • William (Bill) Welge


Emeriti Faculty

Dr. James F. Baker
U.S. History

Walter Jung

Dr. Jere Roberson
Constitutional and African American History

Dr. David Webb
U.S. History


Heidi Vaughn
Director, Laboratory of History Museum

Annamaria Martucci
Administrative Assistant