College of Liberal Arts: Department of History & Geography: BA, Geography

Bachelor of Arts: Geography

Geography offers much to a broad liberal arts curriculum. As our world changes daily, geography enables us to understand the role of people on the settlement of the earth. Geographic literacy takes different forms, ranging from knowing the location of countries on a map to understanding why the Middle Eastern countries continue to quarrel over Israel's existence and other political conflicts of the like.

Our program focuses on combating geographic illiteracy. We offer our introductory courses throughout the year plus upper division courses based on student demand. The track for a geography major focuses on a traditional major that emphasizes the breadth of the field (physical and human geography).

While our program is small, we consider this to be an opportunity to work with students individually. We welcome students to come by our office to discuss major and minor options or to find out how geography can enhance their degree program. Feel free to check out our faculty profiles and our links.

Degree requirements are found in the UCO Undergraduate Catalog.

Undergraduate Geography Advisor: Dr. Brad Watkins -

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