CLA Policies and Standards

1. To fill out this form, fill in the boxes with your information, and indicate the correct Yes/No responses. Please type or print neatly. In order to make your show run more smoothly, the completed form must be returned at least 1 week prior to first theatre usage.

  • Fax completed form to 405-974-3823 (attn: Dustin Jones) or,
  • Email it to Dustin Jones ( or,
  • Mail completed form to Dustin Jones, Box 182, 100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK 73034
  • Any information missing from this form or not discussed with the appropriate CLA staff at least 3 days prior to your scheduled theatre time is subject to refusal. Last minute requests may be denied due to time and facility limitations.

2. Please provide a detailed list of when you plan to be in the theatre (see page 5).

3. Please provide a list of your crew members and what their duties will be when you return this form. Your crew members are subject to approval by CLA (see page 5).

4. Make sure everyone you bring with you to work on your show talks to CLA staff BEFORE beginning to work or using any CLA equipment. You may be held liable for equipment or facilities damaged by your crew.

5. For everyone's safety, you must provide supervisory staff for all of your organization's participants. CLA staff is not responsible for unattended children and young adults. You will be held liable for equipment or facilities damaged by unsupervised participants.

6. You may be charged for use of CLA's supplies, including tape, tie line, rigging hardware, paint, etc.

7. Set pieces, equipment, and other belongings must be removed immediately following your event. If items are left that must be stored, you may be assessed a storage fee to be determined by the size and quantity of the items. If items are left for more than seven (7) days, CLA will consider them as a donation to the college and will be dealt with at the discretion of the College of Liberal Arts.

9. All trash must be gathered and disposed of at the conclusion of your event, including tape on the stage. Excessive amounts of clean-up may result in a clean-up fee being charged to the customer.

10. Events must be coordinated and controlled in a way that will allow the event to proceed in an organized and calm manner. Any group considered to be behaving in an unruly or unprofessional manner towards CLA staff or other customers is subject to removal from the premises.

11. Ordinary courtesy will be expected in College of Liberal Arts/Pegasus Theatre at all times. The customer should relay all policies of College of Liberal Arts/Pegasus Theatre to their participants and guests.

12. The College of Liberal Arts does not offer video or audio recording services for your production. If you need video or audio recording of your production or meeting, it is your responsibility. CLA staff can not provide or support recording of your event. 

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Technical/Facilities Support
Dustin Jones: 405-974-5558