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Program: English
Major: Creative Writing, M.F.A.
Degree: Master of Fine Arts
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Steve Garrison

E-Mail Address:

Office Address: TH 312

Phone Number: (405) 974-5847


Candidates for the MFA in Creative Writing pursue a program of study that includes sequential writing workshops addressing different phases of the writing process, as well as courses in literature and in editing and marketing. Candidates for the MFA in Creative Writing are required to complete a thesis consisting of a major original creative work.

Admission Requirements

Submit the following items to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies (JCGS), 404 Nigh University Center, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N. University Drive, Edmond, OK 73034.

1.    Paper or online application for admission (  (Application deadlines:  April 15 for fall admission; August 1 for spring admission)

2. Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from each institution attended, with all degrees posted. All transcripts must be from accredited institutions. Transcripts must show:

a.) A minimum 2.75 GPA overall or 2.75 GPA in the last 60 hours attempted.
b.) Completion of 18 undergraduate hours in English at the 2000 level or higher with a 3.00 GPA and other prerequisites (if any), as determined by the Graduate Program Advisor.
c.) Candidates who do not meet these requirements may be admitted to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies as non-degree-seeking students. Such candidates may take additional coursework or retake courses in order to obtain the required minimum GPAs and may then reapply for admission to the M.F.A. program in Creative Writing.

3. Evidence of English language proficiency, if not a native speaker.

4. Three letters of recommendation that speak to the applicant's academic and creative potential and his/her ability to undertake graduate study in Creative Writing.

5. A letter of application explaining why the applicant is qualified to pursue this degree program and discussing ways in which pursuing the MFA in Creative Writing would facilitate his/her career plans.

6. A one-to-two page statement describing the applicant's reading habits, naming a selection of significant texts that he/she has read recently, and explaining how those texts have influenced his/her understanding of literary art and goals as a writer.

7. A writing sample consisting of approximately 25 pages of a single project.

The Jackson College of Graduate Studies and the Creative Writing Faculty of the Department of English will determine the acceptance status of each candidate.

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