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Announcing This Year's Keynote:
Dr. John Morreall

John Morreall is an internationally recognized expert on humor. He has written five books and over seventy articles and reviews on humor. In 2004 and 2005, he was President of the International Society for Humor Studies.

Dr. Morreall has addressed over five hundred national and international conferences, business and professional groups, and radio and TV audiences in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia. His work has been featured in the New York Times (four times), the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.

Abstract of Dr. Morreall's keynote address:

Leading with Laughter: The Value of Humor in Post-Heroic Leadership

In the last few decades, a new style of leadership has emerged in politics and business that incorporates humor in significant ways.  Unlike old-style heroic leaders, post-heroic leaders do not feign omniscience or omnipotence, but have a playful attitude toward themselves.  Using Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines as an example, we will examine the benefits of humor in this kind of leadership.  Then we will trace its origins in American politics to leaders like Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. 



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