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Language and Linguistics Student Conference Schedule 

8:00 – 8:30


Heritage Room




8:30 – 8:50

Opening Remarks

Heritage Room

Dr. Lori Beasley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs




8:50 – 9:00






9:00 – 10:05

Rhetoric and Composition

NUC 300

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Hollrah

Rhetoric of Hip-Hop
-Anna L. Clark

The Rhetoric of Conspiracy: The Attempt to Rationalize Extremism in America
-Forrest W. Paige

Personal Narrative- Using the "I" in FYC
-James W. Bell

Out of Nowhere: Demystifying the Spontaneous Miracle of Writing
-Corey M. Hamilton



Panel: Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Young Adult Literature and Adolescent Identity

NUC 301

Moderator: Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau

Bridging the Gap: Ideology, Identity, and Critical Literacy in Horror
-Britton M. Heitt

Introducing a Social Justice Curriculum through Young Adult Literature
-Jade C. Vafadar

American Ideologies Challenged in The Hunger Games
-Mallory L. Unsell

A Postcolonial Study of American Born Chinese
-Cheri R. Conrad

Impacts of Fiction

 NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Petete

Umberto Eco on the Malleability of Fiction
-Andrea M. Laham

Experimental Literature and the Incorporation of Multimedia Elements
-Mallory P. Geary

Books—A Girl Scout's Best Friend: Reading Motivation in Girl Scouts Affiliated Public Housing Sites
-Alexandra V. Bohannon

Igniting the Passion for Literature
-James N. Reynolds

Gender and Literature

 NUC 320-B

Moderator: Ms. Shay Rahm

"I'll Bring Him to You Straight:" Social Expulsion and the Queer Potential of Orlando in As You Like It
-Matthew L. Cherry


 Forbidden Love and Language in "Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope
-Sarah M. Brewer

 Questioning A Small Place: The Problem of Cultural Identity
-Renee L. Williams


 Would the Real Monster Please Stand Up? Dr. Frankenstein vs. the Monster
-Gayle Gingrich-Segura

10:05 - 10:15



10:15 - 11:20

Panel: Invented Languages: The Process Behind the Madness

NUC 300

Moderator: Dr. Ericka Hoagland

Sound Symbolism: A Retrospective Look at Shayjo
-Mark Ervin

Word Formation of: How I Learned to Accept That Language is Arbitrary and to Love Derivational Morphology
-Renee L. Williams

Perplexing the Complex: Using Semantics to Step-Up you Invented Languages Game
-Kelsey Nixon

Invented Languages: Mimicking Thousands of Years in a Few Minutes
-Leslie Hill



Panel: Normativity in Young Adult Literature

 NUC 301

Moderator: Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau

Adolescent Identity Formation: Social Justice and Normativity in Young Adult Literature
-Kristen K. Kirkman

Ideology, Identity, and Normativity: The Merits and Pitfalls of Katherine Erskine's novel, Mockingbird.
-Nicholas H. Shahbazi

Neutralizing the "Norm": The Neutralization of Binary Constructs in Katherine Erskine's Mockingbird
-Jennifer Bean

The Road Paved with Good Intentions: Bibliotherapeutic Intersectionality and Identity Development in David Levithan's Boy Meets Boy
-Bobby L. Reed

Influences on Pop Culture

 NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Petete

The Devil You Say!: A Theological Reading of AMC's The Walking Dead
-Dustin M. Sells

Classic Hollywood Cinema: Video Game Devices and Cinema
-Christopher L. Vian

Through the Rabbit Hole of Music Inspired by Literature in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
-Maggie Y. McGee

"Rebel Girl:" The Influence of "Riot Grrrl" in Literature and Media
-Kaitlyn M. Stockton

Panel: Literature of the American West

 NUC 320-B

Moderator: Dr. Deborah Brown

Literature of the American West: Tributes from Dorothy Johnson
-Stephanie T. Weeks

A Simple Child of the Early Plains
-Matthew D. Yeager

Maria Ward: Mormonism and Feminism
-Bonnie E. Wright

Literature of the American West
-Katelyn Clift

11:20 - 11:30



11:30 - 12:20

History, Geography, and Language Change

 NUC 300

Moderator: Mrs. Maggie Y. McGee

"Hopefully" Holds Out Hopefully
-Teresa Mirll

Subjunctive Expression in Spanish of the Southwest
-Madeline L. Carrell

Current Issues and Comparative Remedy for Gaelic Language Revitalization Efforts in Ireland
-Tara L. Buck



Language Acquisition

 NUC 301

Moderator: Ms. Shay Rahm

Gesture and American Sign Language in Second Language Acquisition: An Incorporated Approach
-Eba Munguia

Towards Multilingual through "Duolingo"
-Meihua Guo

The Techno-Push: The Effect of Modern Technology on the Study of Linguistics and the Pace of Semantic Shifts
-Emily N. Shorter

The Use of Language in Literature

 NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Deborah Brown

Its Purpose is to Turn: Childe Roland and Stephen King's Cycle of Forgetting
-Phillip W. Harvey

The Deconstruction of Connotation in A Clockwork Orange
-Casey L. Brown

Delight, Disgust, and Dining through Dichotomy or How Ishmael Came to Terms with his Dinner
-Susan E. L. Orgren



Gender and Culture

NUC 320-B

Moderator: Mr. Matthew Cherry

A Capriciously Fluctuating Lexicon: Variation in Vocabulary and the LGBT Community
-Bryce E. McCleary

Sexism in Modern American English
-Ashlee A. Vitz

English as a Lingua Franca—Another Dichotomous Pitfall
-Kan Fu

12:20 - 1:30




1:30 – 1:40



1:40 - 3:00

Panel: Why Do I Believe What I Believe? Undergraduate Autoethnography Research

 NUC 300

Moderator: Christopher L. Vian

-Christian D. Fleming
-Peyton E. Bates
-Kenny W. Sifford
-Jared K. Palmer
-Tori M. Hunt



Student Media in a Private College

 NUC 301

Moderator: Holly Easttom

-Devon Hale
-Kasey Chapman
-Derek Green
-M.T. Bralley
-Abbie Click



Panel: The Language of Power and the Power of Language

 NUC 314

Moderator. Dr. Siegfried Heit

 The Language of Religion and Politics in Christian-Zionism
-Angela Devous

 Impact of Women on Military Language
-Kelly S. Byrd

 Impact of Women on Military Language
-Jessica R. Hammack

3:00 - 3:10




3:10 – 4:00

Language Cognition

 NUC 300

Moderator: Mr. Bryce McCleary

 Why You Can Have Thoughts without a Language: An Observation at Saussure's Course in General Linguistics
-Kara E. Freeman


 Left of the Blue Wall: The Bridge Between Blocks of Information in the Mind of an Infant
-Holli A. Kyker

 Argumentation Schemes in Non-Linguistics' Reasoning about Language Variation
-Elena A. Leybenko

Historical Context in Literature

 NUC 301

Moderator: Ms. Maggie McGee

 A Lack of Anti-Semitism in "The Prioress's Tale"
-Marianna A. Bennett

 The Fear in Fiction: Past, Contemporary, and Universal Fears in H.G. Wells' the War of the Worlds
-Tyler F. Talley

 From Ravens to Rivendell: Tolkien's Use of Norse Mythology in The Hobbit
-Sarah P. Hofrichter


Authors in Literature

 NUC 314

Moderator: Mr. Corey Hamilton

 John Cheever's use of Textual Ambiguity: A Look at "The Swimmer" and the Connection to his Life
-Michael J. Roberts

 Stranger Things Have Happened, but Not Many: An Examination of the History of Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land
-Elizabeth F. Nalagan

 With Innocence and Squalor: How the Loss of Innocence in Children Reflects the loss of Innocence in the Main Characters in J.D. Salinger's Short Stories
-Madison P. Castelli

4:00 – 4:10




4:10 – 5:15

The Language of Human Nature

 NUC 300

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Bean

 The Impact of Love Laws in The God of Small Things
-Jennifer G. Dubois

 Tales from the Grave: Edgar Allan Poe and the Metaphor of Entombment
-Jonathan M. Scheppegrel

 "[I]n the fyr to blowe": Alchemy, Beguilement, and Alienation for Chaucer's Canon's Yeoman
-Emily L. Calvert

 A Man After My Own Stomach: Ichabod Crane's Compulsive Consumption
-Phillip W. Harvey

Gender in the Media

 NUC 301

Moderator: Dr. David Macey

 "Ron Burgundy's Gendered Language"
-Katherine J. Williams

Dude, Where's My Reality?: Escapism in Male Comedies of the New Millennia
-Katelyn P. Clift

Fat, the Other "F" Word
-Macy R. McDonald

The Beast behind the Beauty
-Brianna N. Aragon

Rats, Cockroaches, and Death: A Look at Existential Literature and Language Applications in Works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, and Franz Kafka

 NUC 314

Moderator: Mr. Bobby L. Reed

-Jaime M. Worden
-Joshua D. McNeely
-Robert Z. Darling
-Jennifer C. Wingard


5:15 - 5:30

Closing Remarks

Heritage Room


5:30 – 6:45

Sigma Tau Delta Regional Meeting

 NUC 300

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