Language and Linguistics Student Conference Schedule 

8:00 – 5:00


Heritage Room

8:30 – 9:30

Welcoming Remarks

Heritage Room

Dr. Don Betz, President, University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. John Barthell, Provost

Dr. Pat LaGrow, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Gary Steward, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Michael Springer, Director, Office of High-Impact Practices

9:30 – 9:40



9:40 – 10:45

Facets of Shakespeare

Heritage Room

Moderator: Mr. Bobby Reed

William Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss: Linguistic Soul-Mates; How the Creative Create
Amber L. Brooks

Shakespeare in Modern Theatre
Megumi Katayama


The Plight of Star Crossed Lovers: “The Lady of the House of Love” and Romeo and Juliet
Tori L. Watson



Perception and the Fine Line Between Fantasy and Reality in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Marianna A. Bennett



Analysis of British Poetry

NUC 320B

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Hollrah

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
Jeannie L. Lentz

Gawain and His Pentangle: How Sir Gawain Breaks his Pentangle Before He Takes the Sash from Lady Bertilak
Madison P. Castelli

Felix Culpa in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”: Why Gawain and His Troth Were Always Meant to be Broken
Morgan S. Sorrell

“Not Waving but Drowning”- The Post-Structural Poetics of Stevie Smith
Derek Bartholomew


Panel: The Language of French Film I: The New Wave Meets the New Novel

NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Catherine S. Webster


“Like you I forgot”: Rhythm, Repetition, and Memory in Hiroshima, mon amour
Adele R. DeWitt



The Language of Silence in Hiroshima, mon amour
Christian N. Leach



When Love Arrives: Esthetic Analysis of a Romance Scene in Cléo de 5 à 7
Heidi V. McKee



Waiting for Death: Foreshadowing in Cléo de 5 à 7
Jenny E. Thibodeau



Rhetoric and Dialogue: A Discourse Analysis

NUC 300

Moderator: Mr. Corey Hamilton

 “Something of a Predator”: The Dialogue of Power and Adaptation in the Alien Quadrilogy
Katherine J. Williams

An Honest Tale: Charles Eastman’s Account of the Ghost Dance Wars
Casey L. Brown

The Rhetoric of Dialogue: An Exploration into Various Aspects that Constitute the Writing of Successful Dialogue
John J. Humphrey

An Analysis of Columbus’ Letters
Larissa A. Runyan





Cultural Perceptions of Dialects

NUC 301

Moderator: Dr. Kate Huber

Fixin’ to Teach Y’all English: How Regional Dialect Affects Student Perceptions of a Writing Instructor’s Competence
Emily N. Davis

Rethinking Diglossia: A Lesson from Arabic Speech Communities
Benjamin R. Swakopf

The Germanic Puzzle: How Do the Various Germanic Dialects Fit Together?
Benjamin T. St. John

Discursive Construction of Language Attitudes in a Radio Interview: Argument Analysis
Elena Rodgers




10:45 - 10:55



10:55 - 12:15

Panel: When Worlds Collide: The Impact of Intersections of Faith

Heritage Room

Moderator: Dr. Siegfried Heit

Religious Texts and the Call to Battle
Jessicarose Hammack

The Interrelation of Norse Paganism and Early Medieval Christianity in Britain
Sarah Paige Hofrichter

The Byzantine Iconoclasm
John J. Stafford


Character Analysis through the Ages

NUC 320B

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Petete

Worldly Bitches and Playing Rakes: Victorian Character Types in the 21st Century
Kristen D. Cox and Callie S. Craig


Redemption and Rebirth: Revisiting Alice Walker’s By the Light of My Father’s Smile
Katy P. Fabrie



“The Lost Generation”: Jake Barnes’s Innumerable Loss in The Sun Also Rises
Haley A. Rapacz


Cannibalism Challenges Crusoe
Samantha W. Meeks


Panel: The Language of French Film II: Gendered Perspectives From the Recent Past

NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Catherine S. Webster


High Modernism Meets Postmodernist Deconstruction in The 20th Century Woman’s Movement: The  Disempowerment of Woman Depicted in Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman
Cynthia A. Mango


Between Simplicity and Strength
Pureum Lee

The Power of Love: The Growth of Three Men
Mia O. Neely


Modern Maternity: How Coline Serreau Hilariously Redefines Motherhood in 3 Men and a Cradle
Shannon J. Hoyle






Panel: Analysis of a Space

NUC 304

Moderator: Dr. Leslie Similly

Hamilton Hargrave
Nick W. Ruden
Peter Werneke

Poker Player’s Sanctuary: How the Physical Makeup of a Room Can Have an Effect on Its Occupants
Denver Marshall

Cross the Aisle in Oklahoma: Creating a Sustainable Community Across Liberal and Conservative Ideologies
Holli A. Kyker





Panel: Digital Age of Literature NUC 300


Moderator: Mr. James Daro

Hard Copy vs. Digital Copy: Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Ashley Allsbury

K THX BAI!: Digital Text in Print
Kalyn L. McAlister

Technology Enabling a New Frontier of Literature
Quentin A. Pongratz

English: Embracing a Living Language
Ashleigh Veit


Society of Ethics

NUC 301

Moderator: Ms Shay Rahm

Sex, Sin, and the Devil: A Comparison of the Salem Witch Hunts and McCarthyism
Madeline M. Witzke


Philosophy From an Imagined Past: Proto-Steampunk Literary Influences in Bioshock
Christopher Vian


A Good System of Ethics Is Hard To Find: Deconstructing Systems of Ethics in Flannery O’Connor’s Short Story “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”
Kent A. Schmiedeberg

Kara E. Freeman

12:15 - 12:25



12:25 - 1:15

Panel: The American Dream in Ethnic American Literature

Heritage Room

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Petete

Junot Diaz’s “Otravida, Otravez” and the Unexpected Cruelty of the American Dream
Matthew D. Yeager

New Name in New World: Identity Crisis and its Solution in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Gogol”
Heeyoung Park

Misapplication of the American Dream in Yamamato’s “Las Vegas Charley”
Corey M. Hamilton


Panel: Rebranding Young Adult Literature

NUC 320B

Moderator: Ms. Kristen Kirkman

Postmodernity in YAL: Finding the Postmodern Condition in Monster and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and Showing Why it Matters
Madison P. Castelli

Prodigies and Fat Ladies: Fighting for YAL in the Postmodern World
Rachel R. Howard

Intertextuality in Fangirl and Eleanor & Park: Recognizing the Literature in Young Adult Literature
Cherie N. Poertner


Panel: The Language of French Film III: 21st Century Views of 20th Century France

NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. Catherine S. Webster

Zouina Lifestyle
Eva Amegboh


What’s in the Wardrobe?: Coco Before Chanel
Stephanie R. Kapraun


The Style of an Era: Coco Chanel Versus the World
Julien A. Walker





Endangered Languages

NUC 304

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Vian

Trials and Tribulations: Field Methods and the Documentation of Haya
Kelsey M. Nixon

Passive Speakers in American Indian Communities: The First Steps in Understanding Their Silence
Donna L. Longhorn

Hmong Shua: A Dying Language Amongst the Living
Matthew G. Farrar





Cultures in Classrooms

NUC 300

Moderator: Ms Shay Rahm

Diversity and Inclusion in Today’s Classrooms: A Culture Akin to that of Colonial America
Jade C. Vafadar

Bilingualism in the Borderlands of the American Classroom
Robyn J. Gutierrez

Winning the “Race” of Education: Understanding the Effects of African Americans’ Cultural and Linguistic Heritage in Collegiate Composition Classes
Brittany N. Krantz





Rhetoric: Then and Now

NUC 301

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Hollrah

National Public Radio: The Poor Man’s Ambien
Phillip W. Harvey

“By means of speech”: A Comparison of the Rhetorical Tactics of Socrates and the Sophists
Jenna N. Jones

Frontlines of the Rhetorical Battlefield: U.S. Feminists, Anti-feminists, and the Abortion Debate of the 1960s and 1970s
Brianna C. Gomes




1:15 - 1:20






1:20 - 2:20


Ballroom C

2:20 - 2:25



2:25 - 3:45

Panel: European Religious Traditions and Persecutions

Heritage Room

Moderator: Dr. Siegfried Heit

The Emergent Dominance of Romano-Celtic Divinities
James P. Gregory

A Distortion of Nature: Religion Through the Eyes of the Celts and Romans
Emily Hughes

Those Consumed: Convicted Werewolves in Central Europe During the 15-17th Centuries
Elizabeth M. Ussery


The Language of Religion in Literature

NUC 320B

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Vian

Wandering Through Narratives: Chaucer’s Depiction of The Wandering Jew in “The Pardoner’s Tale”
Brendon C. Yuill

Buddha for Britain
Susan E.L. Orgren

Flannery O’Connor’s Use of Religious Symbolism:
Michael J. Roberts

Pregnancy in the Great Depression: Meridel Le Sueur’s “Annunciation” and the Sublimation of Motherhood
Regan R. Markley

Three Virgins Reflected, as Dictated by the Catholic Church: The Marian Images of Kate Chopin’s Short Stories
Stephanie C. Laszik





Organic Nature of Languages

NUC 314

Moderator: Mr. Bryce McCleary

A Dead Language Lives: The Use of Latin in the Roman Catholic Church Today
Hannah L. Graves

Time and Space Dependent Closings in Instant Messages
Hanwool Choe

Voice of the Bayou
Molly K. Trimmer

To Kvell about Yiddish
Leslie A. Foster


Panel: Paradigm Shifts in Popular Culture

NUC 304

Moderator: Dr. Leslie Similly

Modern Marvel: The eMerging Megachurch
Corey M. Hamilton

Twitter Profiles as “Signature” Create an Absence in Presence and Identity Issues
Kristen Kirkman

Irony of “Geek Chic”: The Rhetoric of the Rise of Geek Culture
Elizabeth F. Nalagan

Kenneth Burke: Role-Playing Computer Games as Symbolic Acts
Jared C. Stepien





Panel: Media and Language: The Many Facets of Journalistic Evolution

NUC 300

Moderator: Ms Holly Easttom

Lauren Buss, Abbie Click, Kyra Cochran, Lauren Frazier, and Katie Gilbert





The Use of Fear in Presidential Political Ads: An Analysis of Substance

NUC 301

Moderators: Dr. Grant Aguirre-Y-Luker, Dr. Missy Graham, and Dr. Stacia Wert-Gray

Jonathon Carter, Alicia Johnson, Beth Landers, and Dallas Slough

3:45 - 3:55



3:55 – 4:45

Panel: Literary Techniques in Poe

Heritage Room

Moderator: Mrs. Susan E.L. Orgren

The Price of Modernity
Brianna Aragon

The Literary Techniques of Edgar Allan Poe: The Colors of Terror in “The Masque of the Red Death”
Christina M. Morel

Methods of Madness: Edgar Allan Poe’s Literary Techniques in “The Tell-Tale Heart”
Tyler F. Talley


Identity in Young Adult Literature

NUC 320B

Moderator: Mrs. Maggie McGee

The System is Down: How Language Failed the Baudelaires
Andrea M. Laham

It Shouldn’t be “Gaytopia”: Problematic Representations of Gay Teens in Young Adult
Christopher Vian

Adolescent Self-Awareness, Growth, and Power in Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Lois Lowry’s The Giver
Kirstie E. Linstrom





Cultural Practices in Religions

NUC 314

Moderator: Dr. David Macey

“The Glad Acceptance of Sacrificial Responsibility”: Defining Manhood and Accountability in a Christian Men’s Group
Ho’omana Horton

Understanding the Byzantine Iconoclasm
John J. Stafford

The Religious Use of Drugs: Spiritual or Excuse
Angela R. DeVous





Constructing and Deconstructing Languages

NUC 300

Moderator: Mr. Bryce McCleary

English: The Non Language
Teresa M. Mirll

The Phonology of NC Clusters in Kinyarwanda (Bantu)
Savannah B. Barlow

Directionals in Palikur (Arawak): Morphology, Semantics, and Functions
Simoni M. Valadares





Cultural Perceptions in Literature

NUC 301

Moderator: Mr. Adam Ferrari

Rise of the Chonin
Bobby Reed

Postcolonial Literature Studies: An African Depiction
Naeemah Alrasheedi

Don’t Judge Books by Their Covers, or People by Their Demeanor: The Socio-Historical Significance of George Hrab’s “The Assumption”
Elizabeth F. Nalagan

4:45 – 4:55



4:55 – 5:45

Paradigm Shifts in Pedagogical Practices

Heritage Room

Moderator: Ms Jennifer Bean

The Dark Side of Technology
Zachary M. Crouch

If a Preconception Falls in the Forest with No One There to Hear…: A Bibliographic Analysis of Empirical Research on Which Instructional Methods Have Been Shown to Help L1 College Students Improve Their Writing from 2000 to Fall 2014
Adam D. Ferrari

From English to Engineering: A Pedagogical Shift in Academia
Charlynn M. Estes


Women in Literature

NUC 320B

Moderator: Mr. Bobby Reed

Epic Misogyny: The Legacy of Sexism in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene and the Continued Effect on Readers
Samantha M. Herrington

The Three Degrees of Separation in Heart of Darkness: Marlow’s Lie to the Intended
Abigail R. Hudson

The Magic of Femininity in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Short Fiction
Renée L. Williams





The Language of Sexuality

NUC 314

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Vian

Judging Identity: A Perceptual Study of Speech Style and Sexuality
Robert H. Stevens

Breathy Realness: Voice Quality, Sociolinguistics, and the LGBT Community
Bryce E. McCleary

Identity Through Sexual Discourse
Allison L. Reeves


Language Acquisition

NUC 300

Moderator: Dr. David Macey

Influence and Indirectness of Speech Acts among Arab Students
Abdulrahim Awad Aloufi

Teaching English Metaphoric Idioms for Chinese Learners in an English as a Foreign Language Classroom in Taiwan
Chia-Ling Chen

Friend Me to Learn Together
Dina A. Alnefaie


Autoethnography Analyses

NUC 301

Moderator: Ms Kristen Kirkman

Nothing Was the Same Again
Paige J. Deeds, Orlando L. Rodgers

Blindness and the Visually Impaired
Cherryl L. Seard

5:55 - 6:15

Closing Remarks

Heritage Room

Awards Presentation

The Meredith Bigheart Seagaves Outstanding Volunteer Award

The Dr. Amy Carrell Outstanding Achievement Award