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An Open Letter From Dr. Matt Hollrah, Director of Composition:

Dear students and colleagues,

Welcome to First-Year Composition at the University of Central Oklahoma. This website has been created as a resource to aid in the teaching and learning of composition at UCO.

This site will introduce you to the composition courses you will take and the policies of the First-Year Composition Program. I am hopeful that it will also provide both instructors and students with a number of useful links to other relevant information.

This site is also an attempt to achieve a balance between program consistency and academic freedom. I hope that you find that our program endorses a core set of beliefs about what students should know how to do after completing the composition course sequence. At the same time, I believe there are multiple, equally effective ways of achieving our teaching and learning goals. Therefore, while not every section of ENG 1113 or ENG 1213 will use the same book or even attempt the exact same assignments, all sections will work towards the same set of course goals that you will see outlined here.

I think you will also find that composition courses at UCO are challenging and rewarding. They are challenging because students will likely read, write, and think in ways they never have before in their educational careers. They are rewarding because almost every relationship we have with another human being involves the ability to use language effectively. I believe that composing with words is more than just a skill we develop to further our education or to get a job. It is the primary way of making meaning with those around us and the world we inhabit. It is for these reasons that we all share the responsibility of making meaning with language.


Matt Hollrah, PhD

Director of Composition

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