College of Liberal Arts: Dean's Office

Dean's Office: College of Liberal Arts

Our Mission: "Helping Students Learn"

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The Liberal Arts Experience challenges students to:

Central Office: (405) 974-5540

Fax: (405) 974-3823

Dean's Office Staff

Interim Dean: Joan Luxenburg, (405) 974-5626

Executive Assistant to the Dean: Janie Leftwich, (405) 974-2602

Interim Associate Dean: Elaine Bartgis, (405) 974-5528

Assistant Dean: Rudi Nollert, (405) 974-5845

Assistant Dean: Rozilyn Miller, (405) 974-5451

Liberal Arts Project Coordinator: Glenda Lietzke, (405) 974-2601

Assessment Coordinator: Brenda Simpson, (405) 974-2614

Development Coordinator: Chelsi Dennis, (405) 974-2522

Administrative Specialist I: Brandon Laughlin, (405) 974-5348

Budget Assistant: Dale Knight, (405) 974-5541

Graphic Design Coordinator: William Andrews, (405) 974-5527


Director of Debate, Matt Moore, (405) 974-5593

Assistant Debate Coach, Shae Bunas, (405) 974-5593

Travel Debate Coach, Eli Brennan, (405) 974-5593

Student Success Advisors

LA Advisement Desk: (405) 974-5820

Jeannine Nyangira

Lacey Taylor

Heather Kelle-Peck

Gary Parsons

Tina Kirk

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