Initial last-like schedule released to Colleges to begin inputting the spring schedule into Banner with the exception of intersession and study tours. These classes should be submitted on the appropriate forms (online at: http://www.uco.edu/academic-affairs/forms-links/index.asp) to the Liberal Arts Dean’s Office. July 16, 2014
Intersession classes submitted on appropriate forms with syllabus to the Liberal Arts Dean’s Office for review July 30, 2014
Intersessions turned into Academic Affairs by Liberal Arts Dean’s Office August 8. 2014

Intersession, Study-Tour and Downtown College classes submitted on Banner for Colleges to review         

August 22, 2014

Schedule released on Web and available on student information terminals                         

September 30, 2014 (tentative)

Any classrooms with time slots showing available will be open to the Dean’s Office to schedule “homeless” courses and other request from Academic Affairs, other colleges, etc.

October 22, 2014
Colleges may continue to edit and make revisions until October 24, 2014

Any changes to the schedule except room changes must be submitted on Change in Class Schedule forms.

October 27, 2014