The College of Liberal Arts Dashboard

The college dashboard has been created to provide faculty, staff, administrators, and students with a means of viewing key indicators about the college and its stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, etc.)

The information has been gathered from numerous sources and in most cases represents at least five years of collected data. The University of Central Oklahoma and the College of Liberal Arts use a variety of sources to accumulate this data. In some cases, surveys are administered to students – the First-Day Engagement Survey, the Graduating Student Survey and the Student Engagement Survey, for example.  These surveys are designed to give faculty and administrators a snapshot of how students view their educational experience at UCO.

In other cases, data is gleaned from sources of a less subjective nature – Majors Declared, Full-Time Faculty with a Doctorate, Credit Hours offered, and Class Size information, to name a few. Information of this sort is essential to student, faculty and administrators because it offers stakeholders an opportunity to make comparisons to peer institutions and, when necessary, institute university-wide changes to improve the educational programs at UCO.

The University of Oklahoma, for example, reports an average class size of 32. At UCO, the average class size for undergraduate classes is 22.

On each page of the dashboard, are color-coded horizontal bar graphs designed to give a quick and easy representation of College of Liberal Arts’ performance in key areas. These graphs are color-coded to reflect how well the progress toward benchmarks. Green bars indicate that the benchmark has been met. Yellow bars indicate that although a benchmark has not yet been met, progress is being made and the goal is within sight. Red bars indicate that the benchmark has not only not been met but that the rate of improvement has been unacceptable. Blue bars indicate a category for which no benchmark has been established but the information is still essential to an informed decision.

In most cases, the top bar on each category represents the most recent data. Below that is a section of historical data which presents the benchmark set by administrators, the average of the last five years of collected data and bars representing each of those five years to allow dashboard users to identify trends.

Finally, each category offers a link to a .pdf file that offers users the opportunity to review the raw data collected and review the College’s performance in greater detail.

The dashboard is divided into four separate groups: Student Success, Learning Environment, Liberal Arts Challenges, and Student Satisfaction benchmarks.

Student Success measures student retention and graduation rates.

Student Satisfaction measures student perception of the classroom experiences.

Liberal Arts Challenges measure the college's progress in meeting Central Six learning objectives  identified in the Liberal Arts Assessment Plan.

Learning Environment measures the college's progress in providing the optimal learning environment for students.

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