College of Liberal Arts: School of Criminal Justice: Meet the Faculty and Staff

Meet the Faculty and Staff 

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. DeWade Langley, Director

Dr. Elizabeth Maier, Assist. Director

Dr. Jaime Burns

Dr. Shawna Cleary

Dr. Donald Mizell

Dr. Rashi Shukla

Burle Steelman

Part-Time Faculty 

Dr. E. Elaine Bartgis

James Bogle

Lori Carter

Dr. Ray Elliott

Russell Higbie

Charles "Ed" Hill

Dr. Christopher Hill

Steve Jagosh

Gary Jones

Dr. John P. Mabry

Dr. Mark R. McCoy

Professional Staff

Michael Jenkins, Coordinator for the Center for Innovative Solutions (CIS)

Niki Morgan, Administrative Assistant II

James Lofton, Administrative CIS Secretary II

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