Graduate CouncilMain entrance to Nigh University Center

The UCO Graduate Council is a group of Full Members of the faculty and administrators concerned with policy recommendations as they relate to all graduate programs at the University of Central Oklahoma. The Council is composed of 19 members: 15 are elected from faculty, (3 from each of the 5 academic colleges), 3 appointed by the Graduate Dean, and the Graduate Dean him or herself, who is the 19th member.

The Graduate Council consists of four standing committees: The Membership Committee, the Executive Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and the Admissions and Retentions Committee. More Details about the roles and responsibilities of the Graduate Council can be found in the Graduate Catalog under Academic Regulations and Graduation Requirements section.

Appointees from the Office of Academic Affairs, the Library, the Faculty Senate and the AAUP-UCO Chapter serve as liaisons to the Graduate Council. The term of membership expires in Summer of the year indicated in parenthesis. Below are current members of the Graduate Council.

New Graduate Council members starting Fall 2013 semester
Admissions & Retention Committee

Ms. Angela Marks Hawthorne (2015), (FAD)
Dr. Sivarama Krishnan (2014), (BUS)
Dr. Jerel Cowan (2016), (EDU)
Dr. James Mock (2015), (LA)
Dr. Alaeddin Abu-Abed (2015), (MCS)
Dr. Wayne Lord (2014), (FSI)

Membership Committee
Dr. Darla Eshelman (2014), (FAD)
Dr. Zane Swanson, (2016), (BUS)
Dr. Melissa Powers (2015), (EPS)
Dr. Shawna Cleary (2014), (LA)
Dr. Hari Kotturi (2014), (MS)

Curriculum Committee
Ms. Lanie Gabbard (2016), (FAD)
Dr. Lalit Manral (2016), (BUS)
Dr. J. Kirk Webster (2014), (EDU)
Dr. John Springer (2015), (LA)
Dr. Thomas Milligan (2016), (MCS)
Ms. Julie Byer (2013)

Faculty Senate

Curriculum Committee
Dr. Warren Dickson (2013) (BUS), (Faculty Senate)

Appointed by Dean, JCGS
Dr. Wayne Lord (2013) (FSI)
Ms. Julie Byer (Academic Affairs)

Ex officio:
Julie Byer, Liaison between Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Council
Kirsten Davis, Liaison between University Libraries and Graduate Council
Brian Lamb, Liaison between AAUP and Graduate Council

The Graduate Council will meet at 3:00 p.m. in the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research Conference Room, 404 NUC, on the following dates (see Graduate Calendar):

Fall 2013

  • September 10th
  • October 8th
  • November 5th
  • December 3rd

Spring 2014

  • February 4th
  • March 4th

Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting

  • April 15 - EDU 101