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We have included a new page Graduate Advisors' Quick Video Guide to help address questions advisor's might have during advisement of graduate students. Please follow the link to this new page to watch short videos addressing the most commonly asked questions about advisement problems and issues.

Thank you to all our Graduate Program Advisors. Your efforts and dedication to our graduate students continue to make UCO the best choice for graduate school. How well you perform this vital role makes a huge difference to the level of excellence and success of UCO's graduate students as well as the smooth operation of the Graduate College.

College of Fine Arts & Design

Department of Design
Design (M.F.A.)
Program Director: Rukmini Ravikumar
Building/Room: A&D 108
Office: 405.974.5210

Graduate Advisor: Lanie Gabbard
Building/Room: A&D 115B
Phone: 405.974.5207

School of Music
Music (M.M.), with emphasis in Music Performance or Music Education
Advisor: Dr. Brian Lamb
Building/Room: MUS 226
Office: 405.974.5686

Music (M.M.), Jazz Studies with majors in Performance or Commercial Production
Advisor: Brian Gorrell
Building/Room: Jazz Lab
Office: 405.359.7989, ext.278

College of Business

Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Director MBA Enrollment: Susie Braun
Building/Room: BUS 101
Office: 405.974.2422

Program Coordinator: Ms. Brandy True
Building/Room: BUS 101
Office: 405.974.5329

College of Education and Professional Studies

Ms. Carlie Wellington is the Coordinator of Graduate Admissions and Student Success except for Athletic Training and Speech Language Pathology.

Graduate Admissions Coordinator: Ms. Carlie Wellington
Building/Room: EDU 207
Office: 405.974.5105

Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies
Athletic Training (M.S.)
Advisor: Mr. Jeff McKibbin
Building/Room: WAH 15
Office: 405.974.2959

Department of Advanced Professional & Special Services
Speech/Language Pathology (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Scott McLaughlin
Building/Room: LIB 162
Office: 405.974.5297

College of Liberal Arts

Department of English
English (M.A.)
with major of 20th/21st Century Studies (Literature or Film)
Advisor: Dr. Kurt Hochenauer
Building/Room: LAR 101E
Office: 405.974.5669

with major of Composition & Rhetoric
Advisor: Dr. Matt Hollrah
Building/Room: LAR 105E
Office: 405.974.5614

with major of Creative Writing or Traditional Studies
Advisor: Dr. Steve Garrison
Building/Room: THH 312
Office: 405.974.5847

with major of Traditional Studies
Advisor: Dr. Amy Carrell
Building/Room: LAR 101A
Office: 405.974.5609

with major of Teaching English as a Second Language
Advisor: Dr. John Hitz
Building/Room: LAR 103D
Office: 405.974.5894

Creative Writing (M.F.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Garrison
Building/Room: THH 312
Office: 405.974.5847

Department of History and Geography
History (M.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Kenny L. Brown
Building/Room: LAR 204F
Office: 405.974.5356

Department of Mass Communication
Communication (M.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Rozilyn Miller
Building/Room: COM 207H
Office: 405.974.5585

Department of Political Science
with majors in General Political Science or International Affairs
Political Science (M.A.), Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Jan Hardt
Building/Room: LAR 102B
Office: 405.974.5840

School of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Mgmt & Admin (M.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Shawna Cleary
Building/Room: COM 115F
Office: 405.974.5841

Crime Intelligence Analysis (M.A.)
Dr. Shawna Cleary
Building/Room: COM 115F
Office: 405.974.5841

Department of Sociology and Substance Abuse Studies
Substance Abuse Studies (M.A.)
Advisor: Dr. J. Keith Killian
Building/Room: LAR 201A
Office: 405.974.5534

Gerontology (M.A.)
Advisor: Dr. Doug Reed
Building/Room: LAR 201D
Office: 405.974.5803

College of Mathematics and Science

Department of Biology
Biology (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Clark Ovrebo
Building/Room: HOH 301D
Office: 405.974.5783

Department of Engineering
Engineering Physics (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Weldon Wilson
Building/Room: HOH 221E
Office: 405.974.5470

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Applied Mathematical Science (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Michael Fulkerson
Building/Room: MCS 142
Office: 405.974.5575

Department of Nursing
Nursing (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Dentlinger
Building/Room: CHS 124C
Office: 405.974.5162

Forensic Science Institute

Forensic Science Program (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Wayne Lord
Building/Room: FSI 110E
Office: 405.974.6918

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