Graduate Advisors' Quick Video Guide

Do you have a question about what to do in your advisement of new or current graduate students? We've included some videos addressing some of the most commonly asked questions by advisors. We hope these videos will answer your questions and help to streamline your advisement work. Please let us know if there are other areas you would like to see added to these videos.

Thank you for your role in guiding our graduate students through the process of meeting your individual program's requirements. You are the key that unlocks the door for a successful transformational learning process for our graduate school. Your efforts are valued by the entire UCO Community and the graduate students. Your input makes graduate school much less daunting, helps in retention of graduate students and sees them to and through graduation. Because of your dedication and efforts, the future success of graduate students is assured even after graduation.

List of Quick Guide Videos

  1. Advisement for entering graduate students
  2. Things you might not know about the admissions process
  3. Things you might not know about the enrollment process
  4. The Graduate College's part in tracking students
  5. What happens when a student transfers in hours
  6. What happens when a student changes programs
  7. So you're advising an international student!
  8. Let's talk about graduation

The page is currently under construction. More videos and topics will be added as the videos are completed. Thank you for serving as a graduate advisor. Your role is vitally important in helping our graduate students achieve their full potential through graduate school and beyond graduation.