Swansea University
Swansea @ UCO Ph.D.

Did you know that you can earn a PhD on your own time from your own home without having to move or quit your job?

Did you know that you can work with UCO faculty and earn your doctorate in as little as three (3) years?

Did you know that you need not attend classes, take statistics, learn a foreign language or worry about a minor to earn an internationally recognized Ph.D.?

Swansea University is a traditional British university of nearly 12,000 students, founded by Royal Charter in 1920. UCO and Swansea have on-going ties through student - faculty exchanges and study tour programs. Swansea has selected UCO as the only American partner for its Ph.D. program.

Swansea Student Manual

For more information on Swansea @ UCO Ph.D. program, please contact the Jackson College of Graduate Studies:

Dr. Richard M. Bernard, Graduate Dean
phone: 405.974-3493 or email: rbernard1@uco.edu
Ms. Elise Marrs, Graduate Operations Manager for JCGS
phone: 405.974.3494 or email: emarrs@uco.edu

To view an informational brochure, follow this link - Informational Brochure on Swansea PhD program (PDF).