Students using microscope

Degrees in Mathematics and Science

UCO now offers a Master of Science in Nursing.

Department of Biology
Biology (M.S.)
watch our video on Biology
Advisor: Dr. Clark I. Ovrebo
Building/Room: HOH 301D
Office: 405.974.5783

Department of Engineering and Physics
watch our video on Engineering and Physics
Engineering Physics (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Yuhao Jiang
Building/Room: HOH 221K
Office: 405.974.5472

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Applied Mathematical Science (M.S.)
with majors in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or Mathematics Teaching
watch our video on Mathematics & Statistics
watch our video on Computer Science 
Advisor: Dr. Michael Fulkerson
Building/Room: MCS 142
Office: 405.974.5575

Department of Nursing
Nursing, (M.S.)
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Dentlinger
Building/Room: CHS 124C
Office: 405.974.5162

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