Student enrolling onlineQualified graduates of appropriately accredited colleges and universities are eligible to apply for admission to the University of Central Oklahoma's Jackson College of Graduate Studies. Overall minimum GPA requirements may vary among programs. Applicants must meet the requirements of their individual program. (See our Graduate Catalog for more information on individual program requirements).

Prospective students must submit a completed application form (this may be done by applying online, pay a non-refundable $58.50 application fee, submit official transcripts from ALL accredited institutions of higher learning attended at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and any degree(s) earned must be posted on the appropriate transcript(s). Applicants must submit any support documents such as admission test scores, letters of recommendation, etc., which may be a specific program requirement.

While the JCGS uses a common Application for Admission to Graduate Studies (or online application). Each graduate program will have its own specific admission requirements. You can find full details on the requirements for admission to graduate studies and to each program in our Graduate Catalog.

Once all the required documents are received from the applicant, a copy of those documents is sent to the relevant Graduate Program Advisor for his/her recommendation for admittance to the program. The student will be notified by U.S. mail and by email of the admission decision.

Categories of Admission

  • Conditional Admission: Selected Graduate Programs at UCO may allow conditional graduate admission for those students whose undergraduate GPA does not meet the minimum required for regular admission into the program. Conditional admission is not allowed under any other criteria and is not offered by all graduate programs. You can find details on the requirements for Conditional Admission to graduate studies at UCO in the Graduate Catalog section on "Conditional Admission" and under the requirements for each of the Graduate Degree Programs.
  • Provisional Admission: Selected programs may allow graduate admission for applicants who have not completed some specified program prerequisites. The applicant's deficiencies will be specified at time of admission and those deficiencies must be removed within one full year of enrollment. For further explanations and details of provisional admission, see the section on "Provisional Admission" in the Graduate Catalog and under the requirements for each graduate degree program.
  • Regular Admission: Most applicants admitted to graduate study at UCO will be classified as "regular" graduate students. This means they have completed a bachelor's degree or post baccalaureate degree and they face no further admission requirements to the Graduate College as long as they remain in good academic standing and in continuous enrollment (i.e., no break longer than one-year).
  • International Admissions: The JCGS welcomes applications from students and encourages them to enroll in graduate programs for which they are qualified. International applicants wishing to attend UCO should first contact the Jackson College of Graduate Studies where they will be assisted with the application process and advised regarding visa requirements.

Jackson College of Graduate Studies, Nigh University Center, Room 404, University of Central Oklahoma, Box 117, 100 N. University Drive, Edmond, OK 73034  USA. Telephone: 405-974-3341, E-mail:

Please visit our International Student Information page for more information on international admissions policies and procedures. Contact the International Student Services office for further information on visas, travel arrangements, and document submissions.


Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 sec. 3244 requires all students who enroll as a full-time or part-time student in an Oklahoma public or private postsecondary institution provide documentation of vaccinations against Hepatitis B (three doses) and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR - two doses). For most students, immunization records are included in high school transcripts or validated by transfer college transcripts.  If you have encountered a registration hold for immunizations, you may submit your immunization records by mail, in person, or fax: UCO Admissions;100 North University Drive, Box 99; Edmond, OK 73034-5209; FAX: 405-974-3841.

If you cannot verify your immunizations you will need to be re-immunized. Medical, religious and moral exemptions are allowed by law and such requests must be made in writing.

All new international students must also provide proof of a negative TB test.  TB testing and chest x-rays must be conducted in the United States. Meningitis, MMR and Hepatitis B immunizations from an international student’s country of origin are acceptable; immunization records must be translated into English.

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