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Popular Faculty and Staff Funds

University of Central Oklahoma

  • Campus Beautification
  • CHK|Central Boathouse Fund
  • General Scholarship Endowment
  • Old North Renovation Fund


  • Alternative Transportation Fund
  • Mitchell Hall Building & Grounds Fund


  • UCO Young Leadership Alliance Fund



  • Baseball General Fund
  • Baseball Scholarship
  • Homerun Club Fund


  • Men's Basketball General Fund
  • Men's Basketball Scholarship
  • Women's Basketball General Fund
  • Women's Basketball Scholarship

Cross Country

  • Women's Cross Country General Fund
  • Women's Cross Country Scholarship


  • Football General Fund
  • Football Locker Room Facilities Upgrade Fund
  • Football Scholarship 


  • Annual Fund – Athletics
  • Donald and Shigeko Burget Athletic Endowed Scholarship
  • Citizen Bank of Edmond UCO Athletics Scholarship
  • General Athletics Fund
  • General Athletic Scholarship
  • Life Skills Fund
  • Men's Athletic Support Fund
  • Soccer Capitol Projects & Facilities
  • Stampede Club Operations Fund
  • Strength & Conditioning General Fund
  • (The) C Club Fund
  • (The) C Club Scholarship
  • Women's Athletic Support Fund


  • Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Golf Scholarship
  • Men's Golf General Fund
  • Women's Golf General Fund
  • Men's Golf Scholarship
  • Women's Golf Scholarship


  • Women's Rowing General Fund
  • Women's Rowing Scholarship


  • Women’s Soccer General Fund
  • Women's Soccer Scholarship
  • Women's Varsity Soccer Development Fund


  • Softball General Fund
  • Softball Scholarship


  • Women's Tennis General Fund
  • Women's Tennis Scholarship


Track & Field

  • Women's Track & Field General Fund
  • Women's Track & Field Scholarship


  • Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Volleyball Scholarship
  • Mark Herrin Volleyball Scholarship
  • Women's Volleyball General Fund
  • Women's Volleyball Scholarship


  • Wrestling General Fund
  • Wrestling Scholarship

Chambers Library

  • Friends of the Library Fund
  • Chambers Library Honor with Books Fund
  • Chambers Library Endowment Fund
  • Paul & Carolyn Freeman Forsythe Endowed Fund
  • Lucy L. & J. Gayle Chumley Book Collection Fund
  • Dale Edward McConathy Endowed Library Fund
  • Friends of the Library Endowment
  • (The) Larry Musslewhite Fund
  • Annual Fund Library
  • Library Staff Development Fund

College of Business


  • Accounting Department Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship
  • Accounting Department Advisory Board Endowed Development Fund
  • Accounting Department Fund
  • Accounting Department Advisory Board General Fund
  • Adler-McGurk Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Baird Kurtz & Dobson (Educational) Accounting Scholarship
  • Lorren H. Beavers Endowed Accounting Scholarship
  • Cole & Reed P.C. Accounting Scholarship
  • CPAexcel: A Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Donald E. Criswell Memorial Scholarship
  • Devon Energy Corporation Accounting Scholarship
  • Edmond Alumni Scholarship
  • Eide Bailly LLP Scholarship for Outstanding Accounting Majors
  • Drs. Barbara and Ralph W. Parrish Scholarship for Accounting
  • Grant Thornton LLP Endowed Accounting Scholarship
  • Roy Huckleberry Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Chuck Stumbaugh Endowed Scholarship
  • Drs. Robert & Katherine Terrell Endowed Account Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert Terrell Endowed Chair in Accounting
  • Robert & Elizabeth Walker Scholarship for Accounting
  • Cheryl Weathers Scholarship for Accounting Majors


  • Economics and International Business Department Fund
  • International Business Program Scholarship
  • Dr. Michael Metzger Memorial Endowed Chair for Economics
  • Dr. Michael Metzger Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Economics
  • Samuel H. and Elizabeth P. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Economics
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Economics Scholarship
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student in International Business Scholarship
  • Dr. Sue Lynn Sasser Endowed Scholarship in Economics


  • Actuary and Insurance Club Fund
  • CPCU/H. J. Loman Foundation Insurance Scholarship
  • Finance Endowed Scholarship
  • Finance Club Fund
  • Dr. Donald E. Fleming Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Donald E. Fleming Scholastic Achievement Award
  • Mandeville Family Scholarship
  • NorthWestern Mutual Financial Network Scholarship
  • Oklahoma Insurance Financial Advisors Foundation Scholarship
  • Pre Law Society Fund
  • Real Estate Program Support Fund
  • Garry Ritzky Memorial Scholarship/Oklahoma Chapter of Risk Management Society


  • College of Business  Annual Fund
  • Barnabas Endowed Chair in Business 
  • Barnabas Endowed Lectureship in Entrepreneurship
  • David and Kay Bickham Endowed Scholarship
  • Jack R. Burchfield Scholarship
  • College of Business  Development Fund
  • College of Business  Faculty/Staff Fund
  • College of Business  Student Scholarship
  • Dr. Larry Foster Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Carl Guild, Jr. & Dr. Thomas Guild Endowed Scholarship
  • Kay & Harold Jackson Endowed Scholarship for Business
  • Small Business Development Center Fund
  • Troy N. Smith, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Shedeck Family Endowed Business Scholarship



  • APICS OKC Chapter Scholarship for Operations Management Systems Majors
  • Saba Bahouth Outstanding Student Scholarship
  • Saba Bahouth Scholarship for Operation and Supply Chain Management
  • Dr. Cheng & Feng Research Scholarship
  • Jamie Furche Scholarship in  Information Systems and Operations Management
  • Information Systems/Operation Managements Department Faculty Endowed Scholarship
  • ISACA Central Oklahoma Chapter Scholarship
  • National Association of Purchasing Management - OKC David Henry Endowed Scholarship
  • Drs. Mark A. & Lisa Reynolds Scholarship
  • Mary Robinson Memorial Scholarship


  • Edwards Endowed Scholarship for PGM Program
  • Hall Family Endowed Fund
  • HR Society Fund
  • Management Department Scholarship
  • Dr. Ralph H. Mengel, II Endowed Scholarship
  • Oklahoma Golf Association Scholarship
  • Professional Golf Management Fund
  • Dr. Charles & Dr. Louise Rickman Endowed Scholarship


  • Deryl Bass Sales Scholarship
  • David Henry Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Marketing Development Endowed Fund
  • Donald R. Moses Memorial Scholarship
  • Paycom Payroll Professional Sales Scholarship
  • Professional Sales Scholarship


  • MBA Program Fund
  • Louis D. Nagi Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Military Science

  • Alvin Freiberger Endowed Award
  • Les O'Brien Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • ROTC Program Fund

College of Education and Professional Studies

Advanced Professional and Special Services

  • Tom and Mary Kate Aldridge Foundation Special Education Scholarship
  • Jacob Crabbe Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Gladys Dronberger Counseling Scholarship
  • Educational Leadership Scholarship
  • Oliver Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
  • Karen McGrath Scholarship for Special Education Majors
  • Inez Miller Endowed Chair for Speech Pathology
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf Edmond Regional Pre-School at UCO
  • Patterson Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Roy Rowland Memorial Scholarship
  • Eley Fister Schaul Endowed Scholarship in Library Media Specialist
  • Speech-Language Pathology Fund
  • Amy L. Wagner Endowed Scholarship for Reading Specialists
  • Dr. Harrison Hedley Way Endowed Scholarship

Adult Education and Safety Sciences

  • Carl Breazeale Endowed Scholarship
  • Leland and Pauline Cooper Endowed Scholarship
  • Family and Consumer Science Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Gayle A. Kearns Endowed Scholarship
  • Harvey Mankins Endowed Scholarship
  • Jessie M. Nelson Endowed Scholarship
  • Oklahoma Safety Council Scholarship
  • Organizational Leadership Major Scholarship
  • Lucille Patton Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Jimmie Thrash Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • UCO Women in Safety Endowed Scholarship
  • J.W. Weatherford Endowed Scholarship

Curriculum and Instruction

  • (The) Allen Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Helen Bauman Endowed Teaching Scholarship
  • Elementary Education Teacher Scholarship
  • JW & Bell Howard Endowed Scholarship
  • Mari Scott Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Tracy Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice Adele Way Endowed Elementary Education Scholarship
  • Maxine Prather Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • Multicultural Education Institute Fund


  • Alvin Alcorn Endowed Scholarship
  • Annual Fund -- College of Education and Professional Studies
  • Roy and Marjorie Crews Endowed Professorship in Education
  • College of Education and Professional Studies Administrative Fund
  • College of Education and Professional Studies Development Fund
  • College of Education and Professional Studies Student Scholarship General
  • John and Maxine A. Kessler Endowed Scholarship
  • Urban Teacher Preparation Academy (UTPA) Fund
  • Betty B. Wetterstrom Scholarship Endowment


  • Tommy C. Beavers Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Education
  • Enid L. Jackson Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • Emma Weaver Rodkey Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Education

Human Environmental Sciences

  • Child Study Center Fund
  • Child Study Center Playground Fund
  • Fashion Marketing Major Scholarship
  • FLE Faculty/Alumni Scholarship
  • Human Environmental Sciences Scholarship
  • Virginia Lamb Endowed Scholarship
  • Cora Morton Loafman Scholarship for Human Environmental Sciences
  • Sue McCauley Leadership Award


  • Phil Ball Endowed Sports Laboratory Scholarship
  • Dr. Kathleen Black Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology
  • Homer Coker Scholarship
  • Community/Public Health Endowed Scholarship
  • Ryanne Hauschild Scholarship for Kinesiology
  • Muriel A. Herbrand Endowed Scholarship
  • Emma Plunkett Scholarship
  • Carlos L. Wear Family Fund
  • Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research
  • Guthrie Scottish Rite Charitable and Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship
  • (The) Keller Williams Scholarship for Teachers
  • Dr. Charles and Larissa McBurney Endowed Scholarship
  • Professional Teacher Educational Program Fund Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research
  • PTE Study Tour Fund ESFR Study Tour Fund
  • Teacher Education Scholarship Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research Scholarship
  • Dr. Janet J. Whites Graduate Assistant Scholarship
  • Alpha Chi Chapter of the DKG Scholarship for Teachers


  • Lois V. and Dr. Philip Ball Endowed Scholarship in Psychology
  • UCO Behavioral Learning Clinic
  • Dr. Mike Knight Endowed Scholarship in Psychology
  • Dr. Fred's (Frederickson) Mentorship Endowed Scholarship


College of Fine Arts and Design


  • Academy of Contemporary Music Endowed Scholarship
  • ACM@UCO Artists Scholarship Endowment
  • ACM Fund



  • Latisha Pollard Coffey Endowed Scholarship for Art
  • Kyla Ewy Art Education Scholarship
  • Freshman Art Endowed Scholarship
  • Dale Edward McConathy Endowed Scholarship for Art
  • (The) Merit Scholarship for Illustration Minors
  • Bob E. Palmer Scholarship for Art
  • Ryan Wood Freedom Art Endowed Scholarship


  • Warren Armstrong Endowed Scholarship for Dance
  • Ralph Blane Endowed Music Scholarship
  • Richard Denson Endowed Scholarship for Dance Education
  • Jamie D. Jacobson Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Dance
  • Kaleidoscope Dancers Endowed Scholarship
  • Lorraine Remmel Watson Endowed Scholarship


  • Design Scholarship
  • Dr. Cheryl Myers Endowed Scholarship
  • PL Studios Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship
  • Tinker Credit Union Endowed Outstanding Design Scholarship
  • PL Studios Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship


  • Melton Gallery Publication Fund
  • Melton Legacy Collection Fund


  • All-Steinway School Initiative Fund
  • Annual Fund -- College of Fine Arts & Design
  • Band Fund
  • Don Betz Endowed Leadership in Arts Award
  • Broadway Tonight Fund
  • College of Fine Arts and Design Fund
  • College of Fine Arts and Design Scholarship
  • College of Fine Arts and Design Band Musical Instrument Fund
  • Educational Assistance Fund
  • Oklahoma for Arts Education Fund
  • Rapp Music Scholarship Incentive Endowment
  • Robert Glenn Rapp Upper Level Endowed Music Scholarship
  • Sky Arts Education Endowed Outreach Fund
  • J. Kenneth Smith Endowed Fund for Music
  • Dr. Ken R. Smith Endowed Fund for Music
  • Harold & Juanita Swigeart Endowed Chair for Music

Jazz Lab

  • Jazz Lab Fund
  • Kent Kidwell Endowed Jazz Scholarship


  • Academic Excellence Award in Honor of Ted Honea
  • Viola Bowman Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Brisch Family Music Outreach Endowed Program Fund
  • Choir Division Endowed Fund
  • Excellence in Piano Endowed Scholarship
  • Barbara K. Gilmore Endowed Scholarship Drama
  • Helen B. Hyde Scholarship
  • Alexander Kearns Endowed Oboe Scholarship
  • Melvin Lee Endowed Music Educator Scholarship
  • Tamara Long Endowed Music Theatre Scholarship
  • Jill Marderness Bassoon Endowed Scholarship
  • Music Theatre Enhancement Fund
  • Glenn Robert Rapp Chamber Music Scholarship
  • Remy-Morris Scholarship Endowment
  • Jack Sisson Music Scholarship
  • Peggy M. Spence Endowed Piano Scholarship
  • Kay Starr Endowed Music Scholarship
  • Jan Pokorny Steele Music Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Jesse Webster Vocal Scholarship Endowment
  • Wind Symphony Fund


  • Richard Denson Endowed Scholarship for Dance Education
  • D. Getzoff Endowed Theatre Design Scholarship
  • Hannah McCarty Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
  • Theatre & Dance Development Fund

College of Liberal Arts

School of Criminal Justice

  • Dr. Sid Brown Excellence in Criminal Justice Research Award
  • W. Roger Webb Endowed Scholarship for Criminal Justice or Counter Terrorism


  • Danielle Lelene Barnes Endowed Scholarship
  • Lorraine K. Bell Endowed Scholarship
  • The Bob Burke Endowed Scholars in Creative Writing Program
  • English Department Scholarship
  • Everett Southwest Literacy Prize
  • Barbara K. Gilmore Endowed Scholarship for English
  • Carol Hamilton Endowed Scholarship for Creative Writing
  • Loree M. Rice Endowed Scholarship
  • Adam Luke Worden Memorial Scholarship


  • Annual Fund -- College of Liberal Arts
  • Diogenes Endowed Scholarship Abroad Scholars Program
  • Finney Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Institute of Hope Fund
  • Liberal Arts Development Fund
  • Liberal Arts Study Abroad Fund
  • Liberal Arts Fund
  • Liberal Arts Scholarship
  • Liberal Arts Awards
  • (UCO) College of Liberal Arts Corporate Partners Awards
  • Nathaniel Martinez Scholarship
  • Mary Elizabeth Morelli Liberal Arts Outstanding Graduate Scholarship

History and Geography

  • Paul V. & Carolyn Freeman Forsythe Endowed Memorial History Fund
  • History & Geography Scholarship
  • Stan Hoig Endowed Memorial Scholarship for History
  • John Osburn Scholarship
  • Carolyn Pool Memorial Scholarship
  • Pugh Family Pioneer Endowed Scholarship for Geography
  • Kenneth Rees Endowed Scholarship in American History
  • History & Geography Development Fund
  • Territorial Normal School Gallery Fund (UCO Museum)
  • David Webb Scholarship for History


  • Alumni and Faculty Scholarship for Philosophy
  • Applied Liberal Arts Scholarship
  • Humanities Philosophies Development Fund
  • Vivian Lanier Endowed Scholarship for Humanities

Mass Communication

  • Gean Atkinson Endowed Scholarship for Advertising
  • Stanley W. Case Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Mass Communication
  • Reba Collins Endowed Scholarship in Mass Communication
  • Jack Deskin Endowed Broadcast Scholarship
  • Doug Duke Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
  • Woody Gaddis Photography Endowed Scholarship
  • Edith Kinney Gaylord Endowed Chair in Journalism
  • Tyler Henry Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Joe Hight Endowed Award for Mass Communication
  • Stan Hoig Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Mass Communications
  • Mass Communication Fund
  • Barbara Norman Endowed Communication Scholarship
  • H. B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Debate
  • Lee Sherman Debate Scholarship
  • Wendell & Pauline Simmons Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dan Smith Photography Scholarship
  • Brian Jay Walke Ethics in Journalism Endowed Scholarship

Modern Language

  • Samuel H. & Elizabeth P. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Modern Language
  • Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Endowed Scholarship
  • Cathy Stults Endowed Scholarship in French Studies

Political Science

  • (The) Professor Leroy Crozier Internship Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Randall Jones Outstanding Political Science Scholarship
  • Lucille Hurd Perkins Endowed Political Science
  • Pi Sigma Alpha Award
  • Political Science Department Endowed Scholarship
  • Political Science Endowed Professorship
  • Political Science Program Support Fund
  • Joe E. White, Jr. Political Science Endowed Scholarship

Sociology/Substance Abuse Studies

  • Edmond Senior Community Foundation Scholarship
  • Judy Leitner Scholarship in Gerontology
  • Judge William & Lucille Myers Scholarship
  • Department of Sociology and Substance Abuse Studies Scholarship

College of Mathematics and Science


  • Biology Department Fund
  • Dr. Beverley Cox Endowed Scholarship for Biology
  • Dr. Ethel Derrick Endowed Scholarship in Biology    
  • Otto J. Frazier Endowed Memorial Fund
  • Dr. Margaret Hamilton Endowed Scholarship for Biology
  • Marvin Mays Endowed Scholarship
  • Joe Vaughn Endowed Scholarship for Bioscience & Conservation


  • (Department of) Chemistry New Student Recruitment Scholarship
  • Chemistry Department Fund
  • Cynthia B. Coleman Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Fred Grosz Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • David Hart Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Dr. Fred Jordan Endowed Scholarship
  • Tom & Carolyn Kupiec Endowed Science Scholarship
  • Samuel H. and Elizabeth B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Verlin Richardson Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Terrill Smith Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Dr. David von Minden Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Larry Westmoreland Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Merle White Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Computer Science

  • John Taylor Beresford Endowed Chair for Computer Science
  • John Taylor Beresford Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science
  • Computer Science Fund
  • Jan Douglas Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science

Engineering and Physics

  • Aerospace Alumni Endowed Scholarship
  • Wei R. Chen Endowed Scholarship
  • Engineering & Physics Development Fund
  • Engineering & Physics Endowed Scholarship
  • Engineering & Physics Student Learning Scholarship
  • Beulah Richard Fetterman Endowed Physics Scholarship
  • Dr. Charles Hughes Endowed Scholarship for Engineering & Physics
  • Dr. Whit Marks Endowed Physics Scholarship
  • Ron Miller Endowed Scholarship for Engineering & Physics
  • Physics Scholarship

Funeral Services

  • Department of Funeral Services Fund
  • Funeral Service Laboratory Fund
  • Keri R. Haines Scholarship
  • E. M. Temple Always Central Forever Champions Endowed Scholarship


  • Annual Fund -- College of Mathematics & Science
  • Dr. Lee Beasley Endowed Scholarship for Pre-Dental
  • Cancer Research Fund
  • Center for Undergraduate Research & Education Endowed Fund
  • Central Oklahoma Regional Science Fair Fund
  • CMS Laboratories Fund
  • Math and Science Department Fund
  • Joni Lynn McClain, M.D. Endowed Scholarship
  • Carl Edward Northam Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Selman Living Lab Fund
  • Sigma XI Club Fund for Research
  • (The) Zane & Linda Skinner Family Endowed Charitable Scholarship
  • J. Michael and Kathryn M. Steffen Endowed Scholarship for Pre-Dental
  • Westmoreland Fun Fund

Math and Statistics

  • Actuarial Student Reimbursement Fund
  • American Fidelity Actuarial Science Fund
  • John Taylor Beresford Endowed Chair for Mathematics & Statistics
  • Helen Chastain Memorial Scholarship
  • Latisha Pollard Coffey Endowed Mathematics Scholarship
  • Mathematics and Statistics Department Scholarship
  • Margaret Bennet McAlester Class 1936 Endowed Scholarship
  • Dorothea Meagher Mathematics Award
  • Samual H. and Elizabeth B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics
  • Josephine Plunkett Endowed Mathematics Scholarship
  • Earl C. Rice Endowed Mathematics Scholarship
  • Mollie Barrett Tallant Endowed Scholarship


  • Fallen Angels Scholarship
  • Eunice Boston Gay Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Johnson Tutoring Fund
  • Mary Ellen Lovelace Nursing Scholarship
  • Milah P. Lynn Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Martin Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Billie Heinzig Muzny Endowed Scholarship for Nursing
  • Nursing Advisory Board Scholarship
  • Nursing Department Endowed Scholarship
  • Nursing Department Fund
  • Nursing Library Fund
  • Nursing Skills Laboratory Fund
  • Sarkeys Endowed Chair in Nursing
  • Grady and Reagan Pennington Endowed Scholarship
  • Evelyn Hamil Shopp Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Kecia DeAnn Stevens Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Wiebe Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

Enrollment Management

  • Scholarship for 1st Generation Students
  • Swinging Fore Golf Scholarship Tournament Fund

Forensics Science

  • Annual Fund -- Forensic Science
  • ARL/DNA Solutions Endowed Scholarship in Forensic Science
  • Forensic Science Institute Endowed Scholarship

Information Technology

  • UCO Information Technology Fund

Oklahoma A+ Schools

  • Oklahoma A+ Schools Education Scholarship

President's Office

  • President's Advocacy Fund
  • Presidential Partners

Student Affairs

  • Glenn Freeman Memorial International Scholarship
  • Delores Darlene Gage Endowed Scholarship for Community Engagement
  • Dr. Ronald Paddack Endowed Scholarship
  • Parents Association Endowed Fund
  • Student Support Services Program Fund
  • (The) Student Affairs Endowed Fund
  • Veteran’s Higher Education Resources Fund

University Development Office

  • AAFSA General Fund
  • Robert Aldridge Armed Forces Scholarship
  • Alvin Alcorn Memorial Bench Fund
  • Alpha Gamma Delta Endowed Scholarship
  • Don and Susanne Betz Endowed Fund
  • Don and Susanne Betz Endowed Scholarship
  • Fronie Kay Brennan Endowed Scholarship
  • Herbert Dordick Endowed Mentor Award
  • Dr. Larry Foster Kappa Sigma Endowed Scholarship
  • Steve Garrett Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • C. Hubert Gragg Endowed Scholarship
  • Hispanic Business Student Support Match Scholarship
  • Regent Belva Prestidge Howard Endowed Scholarship
  • Randal and Kimberly Ice Endowed Scholarship
  • Old North Clock Renovation Fund
  • Allison Martin-Pumphrey Endowed Scholarship for Leadership
  • Andrew Rice Conscience of the Senate Award
  • Anna Grace Ruth Webb Scholarship
  • Women of AT&T Scholarship


  • 2016 Fund
  • Annual Fund -- Wellness Center
  • Campus Recreation Fund
  • Fred Feith Intramurals Scholarship
  • Healthy Campus Fund
  • Olympic and Paralympic Sports Fund