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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is on ice!

FCA has rented out an ice skating rink and are going to have some fun.  All are welcome to come, cause it's going to be ice cold.


Mar 3 FCA Meeting Preview

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes have another special meeting planned for you this week.  We are going to go ice skating.  Now this may seem a little corny to some, but we will be playing some awesome games and there will be some crazy prizes given away.  You do not want to pass this one up.

Look for more new developments as we continue to add features to this website.

Feb 25th FCA Meeting Brief

FCA went to The Passion opening night.  Not much can be said other than the movie touched all of us that went in one way or another.  There were about 60 people who went with us and most of them met us at the Field House for pizza.  Major thanks go out to all who helped make this a success and those who prayed with those who needed it.  However, this wouldn't have happened without God's help.


FCA meets Wednesdays at 9:00pm at the Hamilton Field House.  Anyone is welcome to come.  If you are not sure where the Hamilton Field House is you can check out this map of campus.

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