Army ROTC Scholarships: The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP):

Are you a member of the National Guard or the Army Reserve and desire the opportunity to earn a commission in the Active or Reserve Forces? If so, the SMP Program is for you. This two to three year program is for actively drilling reservists or guardsman who desire to serve as officers. You can enter into a SMP Contract at the beginning of your sophomore year. Some of the benefits include:

  • Continue to receive your GI Bill and Educational Kicker from your unit
  • Continue to receive Tuition Waiver/Tuition Reimbursement from you unit
  • Serve in your unit as a SMP Cadet at the Grade of E-5
  • Receive $300-$500 per month from ROTC as a contracted SMP Cadet
  • You may be eligible for a $350 kicker from your unit
  • Compete for slots to attend Army schools such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, or Northern Warfare School.

For more information please contact the UCO Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at 974-5166/5167 or email us at


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