FA News and Updates!  

FAFSAs for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 are available at www.fafsa.gov

Reminder! Please check your UCO e-mail account regularly for correspondence from our office.

  • Financial Aid Appeal Deadline:  Friday, May 9th. (Spring semester appeal deadline: April 11th; Summer semester appeal deadline: Friday, July 11th).

Summer 2014:

  • Summer Aid Applications are available on our website.  Students must have a valid 2013/2014 FAFSA on file to request student loans, work-study, Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP) and grant funding.  UG students need to be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours (5 credit hours for GR students) in order to receive loan and/or work-study funding.
  • Bookstore charging for summer will begin May 5th and continue through July 3rd.
  • Priority Processing Deadline for summer: Valid 13/14 FAFSA received by April 1st with a completed file (including Summer Aid Application) by April 30th.

Fall 2014:

  • Priority Processing Deadline for fall:  Valid 14/15 FAFSA received by May 31st with a completed file by June 30th.
  • FYI
    • SALT is here!  Stretch your student dollars and join SALT to truly own your finances at saltmoney.org/UCO.  SALT will help you borrow less, borrow smart, and repay your loans successfully.  It will also help you find a scholarship, internship or job, snag money-saving deals and more
    • Financial Aid Refund Information:  The Broncho Spirit Card is the newest way to receive financial aid refunds!  Students now have the choice of receiving refunds through 1) the Broncho Spirit Card (a debit Mastercard) or 2) direct deposit into a bank account.  When your card arrives in the mail, please go online as soon as possible to www.bronchospiritcard.com to active your refund preference.  Students who select direct deposit will need to complete and mail in an ACH Transfer form which is available on the Broncho Spirit Card website.  (Students who have previously submitted a direct deposit form from the Student Financial Services Cashier Counter will need to complete the new form).