Financial Aid Deadlines and Time Frames

**Important Notice** For federal and state grant eligibility, the student enrollment level at the time of the add/drop deadline for 16 week/semester courses, and 8 week summer term courses will be used for grant calculation and eligibility.  Any credits added after these add/drop deadlines will not be included for financial aid grant eligibility, i.e. Federal Pell, SEOG Grants, and Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG).  Direct Loan eligibility requires the student be enrolled halftime (6 credits for undergraduates, and 5 credits for graduate students), at the time of processing and disbursement.


Once a refund has been issued, the following time frames should be allowed for a student to receive a refund.  Students will be notified by Higher One, using the notification method the student selected, when the funds are available.

  • Broncho Vibe Card - funds should be available on the card within 48 hours of the school issuing the refund.
  • Direct Deposit - funds should be deposited in a student's bank account within 3 days of the school issuing the refund.

FAFSA Processing through the Federal Processor

  • The status of electronic applications may be checked on-line at the FAFSA website,, 72 hours after submitting a completed application.
  • UCO should be able to receive results of the FAFSA within 2 weeks of the Federal Processor date through a weekly download process.  Records processed through Thursday are downloaded and loaded into the system generally by the following Wednesday.  The best time for students to check on a new load of records is on Wednesday.

UCO Processing of Complete Files

The end result of processing should be an award notification, a request for more information or a letter why the student cannot be awarded, all of which will be sent to the student's UCO email address.

Type of Applicant Record

Processing Time Frame

Federal application (FAFSA), not selected for verification, file is complete

2 weeks of receipt of FAFSA

Federal application (FAFSA), selected for verification,

2 weeks of receipt of last requested document

Corrected FAFSA

2 weeks from the date of the corrections

Standard Time Frames

Fee Payment Deadline

Friday before the start of classes

Charging at Bookstore

2 weeks prior to the start of classes thru the last day of the 100% refund period

Release of federal funds for term (refunds)

Beginning the 1st week of classes, twice weekly during the term

Last day to submit Award Adjustment Requests and Consortium Agreement Forms

Friday, 3 weeks prior to the end of the term

Deadline for completion for file for term aid

Friday, 3 weeks prior to the end of the term

Financial Aid Appeal Deadlines

Monthly Deadline: 2nd Friday of each month.  Semester Deadlines:  Fall - 2nd Friday of November; Spring - 2nd Friday of April; Summer - 2nd Friday of July.

Aid Year Priority Processing Deadline for Fall

May 31 with a complete file by June 30

Aid Year Priority Processing Deadline for Spring

October 31 with a complete file by November 30

Aid Year Priority Processing Deadline for Summer

April 1 with a complete file by April 30

Late Payment Penalty Waivers

(Late Payment Penalty Waiver requests will be carefully considered for students meeting financial aid deadlines or if the late fee was the result of processing delays attributable to the institution).

Friday, 3 weeks prior to the end of the term