Summer Enrollment

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Spend your summertime (at least part of it) wisely!

One class in each of our two summer blocks will put you six hours closer to your bachelor's or master's degree.

Just home for the summer? Credits will transfer to other universities! See below for enrollment information!


Summer 2013 Course Schedule

Enroll for classes through UCONNECT.


If you currently or plan to attend another university full-time, you will need to apply to UCO as a "special student" on our online application - not as a "freshman" or "transfer" student. Often, we can approve the application within 24-hours for "special student" status.

Courses that require prerequisites will require a transcript from your current university or high school.

Got questions? Please call (405) 974-2727 to speak to one of our friendly staff members who can put you on the right track for enrollment based on your needs!

Apply now!

Summer 2013 Course Schedule

Enroll for classes through UCONNECT*.

*You will receive your UCONNECT access upon approval of your application

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