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What is UCO Proxy Access ?

Proxy Access lets the student create accounts for parents, spouses, employers, etc., (the proxies) that allow the proxy to view the student's UCO information.   Information accessed can include student records for financial account, financial aid, registration, transcript, grades and other personal information, either online or when the proxy is talking to UCO by phone. 

Who (Which Students) Can Create and Set Up a Proxy ?

This a new system to UCO, so initially, we're giving new students for the Fall term access to create Proxies.    Other students may gain access by emailing a request to from their UCO email account.   Students must include their UCO ID number and name, and include "Request for Proxy Access" in the subject line.   Sorry, but we will not accept requests from a personal email or from the parent or from other 3rd parties.   The request must come from the student. 

Students eligible to establish proxies will see a Proxy Access link on the Broncho Central Services channel on the School Services tab on UCONNECT.

Proxy Access Menu One

Who's Driving ?

The student is.   The student determines who the proxies are and what information they can access, and for how long.   A student may give parents access to the transcript for the students entire stay at UCO, or the student may give an insurance company access for one week to verify the student's enrollment for a term. 

Limitations of Proxy Access ?

So far, proxies can only view information;  they can't change anything. This means students can't allow a parent or spouse to enroll for them.

Unfortunately, ProxyAccess also doesn't allow the proxy to make a tuition/fees payment for their student.   To do this, the student must go though UCONNECT and set up a third party authorization on the Touchnet payment system, where the 3rd party will have a separate login.  When this is setup, the student and the 3rd party will both received bills.   We apologize for you having to log on a different system, but we'll get them merged sometime.   For more information about payments, click here.

Information for Proxies

The student will create a profile on UCONNECT using the proxy's name and email, and designate which information forms the proxy can view.   During this process, the new proxy will be sent an email containing a web link and an "Action PIN" which will enable the proxy access to the system to create and maintain login credentials, and other personal information.

The student will also create a "Passphrase" for the proxy which will allow the proxy to verify their identity when contacting UCO via phone or in person.   UCO would ask the proxy for the passphrase and upon a correct response, could then discuss with the proxy that information authorized by the student.

The graphic below shows what forms the student "FERPA Form on File Student" has granted to his proxy.

Image that Proxy Sees on Web

Student Steps for Setting up a Proxy.

Go to the School Services tab on UCONNECT, click on Broncho Central Services, then click on Proxy Access, then click on Proxy Management.

On the Proxy Management page, click on the Add Proxy icon.  AddProxy icon

Then add the proxy's first and last name and email address and click on the Add Proxy button.  Add Proxy Button

Next, click on "Expand (your proxy name)" line and set up the profile and authorizations for your proxy.    The "passphrase" is used when the proxy is contacting UCO by phone or in person.   The proxy would be asked for the passphrase, and if they responded correctly, then UCO could provide the designated information (as set up on the authorizations).

To set up additional proxies, simply click on the Add Proxy icon again.

Profile Setup

Proxy Profile form

To allow proxy access to specific information, simply click on the appropriate checkboxes.   As shown below, individual pages can be checked (View Account Summary), or a category of pages (Financial Aid Options).

Authorizations Setup

Proxy Authorization Sample