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What is Student Financial Services?
What are the office hours for Student Financial Services?
How do I apply for federal financial aid?
What does "FAFSA" mean?
What types of aid are potentially available?
When should I fill out my FAFSA?
What is the deadline for completing my FAFSA so the funds will be ready when school starts?
What is Central's school code?
Can I call the Central (FAFSA) Processor?
If I am transferring to UCO from another school, what should I know about getting financial aid?
How do I adjust my Student Aid Report (SAR)?
What does it mean when you are selected for verification?
How long does the verification process take to complete?
I can’t find my W-2s. What should I do?
How long does it take for UCO to receive FAFSA results?
What are the general requirements for receiving financial aid?
What is a consortium agreement, and does UCO have general consortium agreements with other Oklahoma colleges/universities?
What is the minimum number of hours required to receive financial aid?
Does financial aid consider audited courses?